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If you add a new release, the release group is created at the same time. Be sure to include:

  • release title
  • artist
  • type
  • status
  • date
  • country
  • label
  • release link
  • format
  • track titles
  • track lengths

Release length

The minimum is 179.5 seconds, which rounds up to 180 seconds, which is 3 minutes. A pathological example is here:

<track id="b9346c0a-1166-30e7-aba3-997ef3065abd">
   <recording id="0393ce29-889d-4e9a-930e-c110bb87626d">
      <title>In Our Angelhood</title>

measured by the millisecond, this track is too short. Measured by the second, this track is long enough. Listed here at 2:59:

Listed here at 3:00:

Listed here at 3:01:

To resolve this, we need to round to the second before making any decisions.




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type Release

type Release struct {
	Artist_Credit []struct {
		Name   string
		Artist struct {
			ID string
	} `json:"artist-credit"`
	Date  string
	Media []struct {
		Track_Count int `json:"track-count"`
		Tracks      []Track
	Release_Group struct {
		First_Release_Date string `json:"first-release-date"`
		ID                 string
		Secondary_Types    []string `json:"secondary-types"`
		Title              string
	} `json:"release-group"`
	Status string
	Title  string

func New_Release

func New_Release(release_ID string) (*Release, error)

type Release_Group

type Release_Group struct {
	Release_Count int `json:"release-count"`
	Releases      []*Release

func From_Artist

func From_Artist(artist_ID string, offset int) (*Release_Group, error)

func New_Release_Group

func New_Release_Group(group_ID string) (*Release_Group, error)

func (Release_Group) Sort

func (r Release_Group) Sort()

type Track

type Track struct {
	Length float64
	Title  string

func (Track) Duration

func (r Track) Duration() time.Duration

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