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Published: May 16, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 18 Imported by: 0



Checkdisk is simple program used to show relative performance when using different types of SSDs. There are many minor changes that can be made to make it faster, but this is NOT a benchmark program so making it faster is never the goal.

How it works

This program creats 48 Raft groups each with only one node. It then uses 10,000 client goroutines to keep making proposals with 16 bytes payloads on those 48 Raft groups. It reports the average number of completed proposals per second after keep making proposals for 60 seconds.

To build the program -

go build

An executable file named checkdisk will be generated in the current directory. Copy it to the disk you want to check and run the executable. It takes roughly 1 minute to complete.


Results below were observed on a single socket E5-2696v4 server (22 cores) running Linux kernel 5.0 with ext4 filesystem.

Brand Model Type Num of proposals per second
Intel P4510 2T MVME 7210419
Intel 900P 280G NVME, Optane 6772066
Intel P3700 1.6T NVME 6896307
Intel P3520 1.2T NVME 6465987
Intel S3710 800G SATA 3094821
Intel S4510 960G SATA 3082143
Samsung 860EVO 500G SATA 922439
Samsung 850EVO 500G SATA 916712


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