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func ClientOK

func ClientOK(endpoint string, test func() bool) error

func IsSystemContainer

func IsSystemContainer(serviceConfig *composeConfig.ServiceConfig) bool

func NewClient

func NewClient(endpoint string) (dockerClient.APIClient, error)

func NewClientFactory

func NewClientFactory(opts composeClient.Options) (project.ClientFactory, error)

func NewDefaultClient

func NewDefaultClient() (dockerClient.APIClient, error)

func NewSystemClient

func NewSystemClient() (dockerClient.APIClient, error)


type ClientFactory

type ClientFactory struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ClientFactory) Create

func (c *ClientFactory) Create(service project.Service) dockerclient.APIClient

type ConfigAuthLookup

type ConfigAuthLookup struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfigAuthLookup will lookup registry auth info from cloud config if a context is set, it will also lookup auth info from the Docker config file

func NewConfigAuthLookup

func NewConfigAuthLookup(cfg *config.CloudConfig) *ConfigAuthLookup

func (*ConfigAuthLookup) All

func (c *ConfigAuthLookup) All() map[string]types.AuthConfig

func (*ConfigAuthLookup) Lookup

func (*ConfigAuthLookup) SetConfig

func (c *ConfigAuthLookup) SetConfig(cfg *config.CloudConfig)

func (*ConfigAuthLookup) SetContext

func (c *ConfigAuthLookup) SetContext(context *docker.Context)

type ConfigEnvironment

type ConfigEnvironment struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewConfigEnvironment

func NewConfigEnvironment(cfg *config.CloudConfig) *ConfigEnvironment

func (*ConfigEnvironment) Lookup

func (c *ConfigEnvironment) Lookup(key, serviceName string, serviceConfig *composeConfig.ServiceConfig) []string

func (*ConfigEnvironment) SetConfig

func (c *ConfigEnvironment) SetConfig(cfg *config.CloudConfig)

type Service

type Service struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewService

func NewService(factory *ServiceFactory, name string, serviceConfig *composeConfig.ServiceConfig, context *docker.Context, project *project.Project) *Service

func (*Service) Create

func (s *Service) Create(ctx context.Context, options options.Create) error

func (*Service) DependentServices

func (s *Service) DependentServices() []project.ServiceRelationship

func (*Service) Up

func (s *Service) Up(ctx context.Context, options options.Up) error

type ServiceFactory

type ServiceFactory struct {
	Context *docker.Context
	Deps    map[string][]string

func (*ServiceFactory) Create

func (s *ServiceFactory) Create(project *project.Project, name string, serviceConfig *composeConfig.ServiceConfig) (project.Service, error)

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