Package cache provides simple and extensible cache feature for aah application.

    OOTB aah pluggable implementation of cache stores In-memory, Redis and Memcache. Refer to documentation for configuration and usage



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    var (
    	ErrEntryExists = errors.New("aah/cache: entry exists")

      Cache errors


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      type Cache

      type Cache interface {
      	// Name method returns the cache store name.
      	Name() string
      	// Get method returns the cached entry for given key if it exists otherwise nil.
      	Get(k string) interface{}
      	// GetOrPut method returns the cached entry for the given key if it exists otherwise
      	// it puts the new entry into cache store and returns the value.
      	GetOrPut(k string, v interface{}, d time.Duration) (interface{}, error)
      	// Put method adds the cache entry with specified expiration. Returns error
      	// if cache entry exists.
      	Put(k string, v interface{}, d time.Duration) error
      	// Delete method deletes the cache entry from cache store.
      	Delete(k string) error
      	// Exists method checks given key exists in cache store and its not expried.
      	Exists(k string) bool
      	// Flush methods flushes(deletes) all the cache entries from cache.
      	Flush() error

        Cache interface represents operation methods for cache store.

        type Config

        type Config struct {
        	Name         string
        	ProviderName string
        	EvictionMode EvictionMode
        	// SweepInterval only applicable to in-memory cache provider.
        	SweepInterval time.Duration

          Config struct represents the cache and cache provider configurations.

          type EvictionMode

          type EvictionMode uint8

            EvictionMode for cache entries.

            const (
            	EvictionModeTTL EvictionMode = 1 + iota

              Eviction modes

              type Manager

              type Manager struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                Manager struct represents the aah cache manager.

                func NewManager

                func NewManager() *Manager

                  NewManager method returns new cache Manager.

                  func (*Manager) AddProvider

                  func (m *Manager) AddProvider(name string, provider Provider) error

                    AddProvider method adds given provider by name. If provider name exists it return an error otherwise nil.

                    func (*Manager) Cache

                    func (m *Manager) Cache(name string) Cache

                      Cache method return cache by given name if exists otherwise nil.

                      func (*Manager) CacheNames

                      func (m *Manager) CacheNames() []string

                        CacheNames method returns all cache names from cache manager.

                        func (*Manager) CreateCache

                        func (m *Manager) CreateCache(cfg *Config) error

                          CreateCache method creates new cache in the cache manager for configuration.

                          func (*Manager) InitProviders

                          func (m *Manager) InitProviders(appCfg *config.Config, logger log.Loggerer) error

                            InitProviders method initializes the cache providers.

                            func (*Manager) Provider

                            func (m *Manager) Provider(name string) Provider

                              Provider method returns provider by given name if exists otherwise nil.

                              func (*Manager) ProviderNames

                              func (m *Manager) ProviderNames() []string

                                ProviderNames returns all provider names from cache manager.

                                type Provider

                                type Provider interface {
                                	// Init method invoked by aah cache manager on application start to initialize cache provider.
                                	Init(name string, appCfg *config.Config, logger log.Loggerer) error
                                	// Create method invoked by aah cache manager to create cache specific to provider.
                                	Create(cfg *Config) (Cache, error)

                                  Provider interface represents cache provider implementation.

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