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Published: Mar 4, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:
Path Synopsis
ahttp Package ahttp is to cater HTTP helper methods for aah framework.
ainsp Package ainsp is a Go ast library for aah framework, it does inspect and discovers the Go `struct` which embeds particular type `struct`.
aruntime Package aruntime provides aah runtime capabilities to collect debug stacktrace, goroutines diagnosis profiling.
aruntime/diagnosis Package diagnosis brings feature of aah application profiling to do various diagnosis.
cache Package cache provides simple and extensible cache feature for aah application.
config Package config is nice and handy layer built around `forge` config syntax; which is similar to HOCON syntax.
console Package console provides a feature to implement CLI commands into your aah application easily and extensible.
essentials Package ess provides a essentials and helper for the application development and usage.
i18n Package i18n is internationalization and localization support for aah framework.
log Package log simple logger and provides capabilities to fulfill application use cases.
router Package router provides routing implementation for aah framework.
security Package security houses all the application security implementation Authentication, Authorization, Session Management, CSRF, Security Headers, etc.) by aah framework.
security/session Package session provides HTTP state management library for aah framework.
valpar Package valpar provides feature of request value parsing, handling, binding and validating.
vfs Package vfs provides Virtual FileSystem (VFS) capability.
view Package view is implementation of aah framework view engine using Go Template engine.
ws Package ws is a WebSocket library for aah framework (RFC 6455 compliant).