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aruntime - aah framework

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v0.3.1 released and tagged on Jul 22, 2018

Runtime library is built to get, manipulate GoRoutines stack trace, etc.

aruntime developed for aah framework. However, it's an independent library, can be used separately with any Go language project. Feel free to use it.


Stable Version - Production Ready
# install the library
go get -u

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const Version = "0.3.1"

Version no. of aah framework aruntime library


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type GoRoutine

type GoRoutine struct {
	Header     string
	MaxFuncLen int
	MaxPkgLen  int
	HasPanic   bool
	PanicIndex int
	Packages   []string
	Functions  []string
	LineNo     []string

GoRoutine holds information of single Go routine stack trace.

type Stacktrace

type Stacktrace struct {
	Raw          string
	Recover      interface{}
	IsParsed     bool
	StripSrcBase bool
	GoRoutines   []*GoRoutine

Stacktrace holds the parse information of `debug.Stack()`. It's easier to debug and understand.

func NewStacktrace

func NewStacktrace(r interface{}, appCfg *config.Config) *Stacktrace

NewStacktrace method collects debug stack information and parsing them into easy understanding and returns the instance.

func (*Stacktrace) Parse

func (st *Stacktrace) Parse()

Parse method parses the go debug stacktrace into easy to understand.

func (*Stacktrace) Print

func (st *Stacktrace) Print(w io.Writer)

Print method prints the stack trace info to io.Writer.

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