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pool - aah framework

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v0.2 released and tagged on Mar 04, 2017

Generic interface{} pool in the form of bounded channel.

pool developed for aah framework. However, it's an independent library, can be used separately with any Go language project. Feel free to use it.


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# install the library
go get -u aahframework.org/pool.v0

See official page [TODO]



Package pool provides channel based bounded pooling capabilities.



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const Version = "0.2"

Version no. of aah framework pool library


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type Pool

type Pool struct {

	// New optionally specifies a function to generate
	// a value when Get would otherwise return nil.
	// It may not be changed concurrently with calls to Get.
	New func() interface{}
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Pool holds the bounded channel for interface{}.

func NewPool

func NewPool(size int, fn func() interface{}) (p *Pool)

NewPool method creates a new Pool bounded to the given size.

func (*Pool) Count

func (p *Pool) Count() int

Count method returns current count of pool.

func (*Pool) Drain

func (p *Pool) Drain()

Drain method drains all the values for the channel

func (*Pool) Get

func (p *Pool) Get() (v interface{})

Get method gets a value from the Pool, or creates a new one if none are available in the pool.

func (*Pool) Put

func (p *Pool) Put(v interface{})

Put method returns given value into Pool.

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