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func Any

func Any(x any, t *types.Wrapped) string

func ArrayString

func ArrayString(v []string) string

func Boolean

func Boolean(v bool) string

func Code

func Code(content string, lang string) string

func Default

func Default(x any, t string) string

func Float

func Float(v any) string

func Int

func Int(v any) string

func JSON

func JSON(v any) string

func JSONInline

func JSONInline(v any) string

func Option

func Option(x any, t *types.Option) string

func Package

func Package(v util.Pkg) string

func StreamAny

func StreamAny(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, x any, t *types.Wrapped)

func StreamArrayString

func StreamArrayString(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, v []string)

func StreamBoolean

func StreamBoolean(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, v bool)

func StreamCode

func StreamCode(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, content string, lang string)

func StreamDefault

func StreamDefault(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, x any, t string)

func StreamFloat

func StreamFloat(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, v any)

func StreamInt

func StreamInt(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, v any)

func StreamJSON

func StreamJSON(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, v any)

func StreamJSONInline

func StreamJSONInline(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, v any)

func StreamOption

func StreamOption(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, x any, t *types.Option)

func StreamPackage

func StreamPackage(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, v util.Pkg)

func StreamString

func StreamString(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, v string)

func StreamType

func StreamType(qw422016 *qt422016.Writer, v types.Type)

func String

func String(v string) string

func Type

func Type(v types.Type) string

func WriteAny

func WriteAny(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, x any, t *types.Wrapped)

func WriteArrayString

func WriteArrayString(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, v []string)

func WriteBoolean

func WriteBoolean(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, v bool)

func WriteCode

func WriteCode(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, content string, lang string)

func WriteDefault

func WriteDefault(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, x any, t string)

func WriteFloat

func WriteFloat(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, v any)

func WriteInt

func WriteInt(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, v any)

func WriteJSON

func WriteJSON(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, v any)

func WriteJSONInline

func WriteJSONInline(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, v any)

func WriteOption

func WriteOption(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, x any, t *types.Option)

func WritePackage

func WritePackage(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, v util.Pkg)

func WriteString

func WriteString(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, v string)

func WriteType

func WriteType(qq422016 qtio422016.Writer, v types.Type)


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