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type SetupFlagsConfig added in v0.2.23

type SetupFlagsConfig struct {
	DisableWriteConfigFlag bool

SetupFlagsConfig contains options to enable or disable certain flags from being added.

type SetupViperConfig added in v0.2.23

type SetupViperConfig struct {

SetupViperConfig options ot pass to SetupViper.

type ViperSetup

type ViperSetup struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ViperSetup stores config requires to fully setup an aduu app.

func SetupViper

func SetupViper(appName string, req *SetupViperConfig) (setup *ViperSetup, v *viper.Viper)

SetupViper sets up viper for immediate use.

func (*ViperSetup) IsWriteConfigSet

func (setup *ViperSetup) IsWriteConfigSet() bool

IsWriteConfigSet return whether the config write flag was set.

func (*ViperSetup) SetupFlags added in v0.2.23

func (setup *ViperSetup) SetupFlags(
	cmd *cobra.Command,
	flagsConfig *SetupFlagsConfig,

SetupFlags adds klog flags to the given command together with a -w flag. The -w flag enables saving the current viper state to the default config file.

func (*ViperSetup) WriteConfig

func (setup *ViperSetup) WriteConfig() (err error)

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