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type ExecutorStatus added in v0.8.0

type ExecutorStatus struct {
	ListenURL string `json:"listenURL,omitempty"`

	Archs []stypes.Arch `json:"archs,omitempty"`

	Labels map[string]string `json:"labels,omitempty"`

	AllowPrivilegedContainers bool `json:"allow_privileged_containers,omitempty"`

	ActiveTasksLimit int `json:"active_tasks_limit,omitempty"`
	ActiveTasks      int `json:"active_tasks,omitempty"`

	Dynamic bool `json:"dynamic,omitempty"`

	ExecutorGroup string `json:"executor_group,omitempty"`

	SiblingsExecutors []string `json:"siblings_executors,omitempty"`

type ExecutorTask added in v0.8.0

type ExecutorTask struct {
	ID string `json:"id"`

	ExecutorID string `json:"executor_id"`

	Stop bool `json:"stop"`

	Status *ExecutorTaskStatus `json:"status"`

	Spec *ExecutorTaskSpecData `json:"spec"`

type ExecutorTaskSpecData added in v0.8.0

type ExecutorTaskSpecData struct {
	TaskName    string             `json:"task_name"`
	Arch        stypes.Arch        `json:"arch"`
	Containers  []*types.Container `json:"containers"`
	Environment map[string]string  `json:"environment"`
	WorkingDir  string             `json:"working_dir"`
	Shell       string             `json:"shell"`
	User        string             `json:"user"`
	Privileged  bool               `json:"privileged"`

	WorkspaceOperations []types.WorkspaceOperation `json:"workspace_operations"`

	DockerRegistriesAuth map[string]types.DockerRegistryAuth `json:"docker_registries_auth"`

	CachePrefix string `json:"cache_prefix"`

	Steps types.Steps `json:"steps"`

	TaskTimeoutInterval time.Duration `json:"task_timeout_interval"`

type ExecutorTaskStatus added in v0.8.0

type ExecutorTaskStatus struct {
	Phase    types.ExecutorTaskPhase `json:"phase"`
	Timedout bool                    `json:"timedout"`

	FailError string `json:"fail_error"`

	SetupStep ExecutorTaskStepStatus    `json:"setup_step"`
	Steps     []*ExecutorTaskStepStatus `json:"steps"`

	StartTime *time.Time `json:"start_time"`
	EndTime   *time.Time `json:"end_time"`

type ExecutorTaskStepStatus added in v0.8.0

type ExecutorTaskStepStatus struct {
	Phase types.ExecutorTaskPhase `json:"phase"`

	StartTime *time.Time `json:"start_time"`
	EndTime   *time.Time `json:"end_time"`

	ExitStatus *int `json:"exit_status"`

type GetRunsResponse

type GetRunsResponse struct {
	Runs                    []*rstypes.Run `json:"runs"`
	ChangeGroupsUpdateToken string         `json:"change_groups_update_tokens"`

type MaintenanceStatusResponse added in v0.8.0

type MaintenanceStatusResponse struct {
	RequestedStatus bool
	CurrentStatus   bool

type RunActionType

type RunActionType string
const (
	RunActionTypeChangePhase RunActionType = "changephase"
	RunActionTypeStop        RunActionType = "stop"

type RunActionsRequest

type RunActionsRequest struct {
	ActionType RunActionType `json:"action_type"`

	Phase                   rstypes.RunPhase `json:"phase"`
	ChangeGroupsUpdateToken string           `json:"change_groups_update_tokens"`

type RunCreateRequest

type RunCreateRequest struct {
	// new run fields
	RunConfigTasks    map[string]*rstypes.RunConfigTask `json:"run_config_tasks"`
	Name              string                            `json:"name"`
	Group             string                            `json:"group"`
	SetupErrors       []string                          `json:"setup_errors"`
	StaticEnvironment map[string]string                 `json:"static_environment"`
	CacheGroup        string                            `json:"cache_group"`

	// existing run fields
	RunID      string   `json:"run_id"`
	FromStart  bool     `json:"from_start"`
	ResetTasks []string `json:"reset_tasks"`

	// common fields
	Environment map[string]string `json:"environment"`
	Annotations map[string]string `json:"annotations"`

	ChangeGroupsUpdateToken string `json:"changeup_update_tokens"`

type RunResponse

type RunResponse struct {
	Run                     *rstypes.Run       `json:"run"`
	RunConfig               *rstypes.RunConfig `json:"run_config"`
	ChangeGroupsUpdateToken string             `json:"change_groups_update_tokens"`

type RunTaskActionType

type RunTaskActionType string
const (
	RunTaskActionTypeSetAnnotations RunTaskActionType = "setannotations"
	RunTaskActionTypeApprove        RunTaskActionType = "approve"

type RunTaskActionsRequest

type RunTaskActionsRequest struct {
	ActionType RunTaskActionType `json:"action_type"`

	// set Annotations fields
	Annotations map[string]string `json:"annotations,omitempty"`

	// global fields
	ChangeGroupsUpdateToken string `json:"change_groups_update_tokens"`

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