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Published: Aug 8, 2022 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 15 Imported by: 0


Simple Game Server

A very simple "toy" game server created to demo and test running a UDP and/or TCP game server on Agones.

To learn how to deploy your edited version of go server to gcp, please check out this link: Edit Your First Game Server (Go), or also look at the Makefile.

Interacting with the Server

When the server receives a text packet, it will send back "ACK:" for UDP as an echo or "ACK TCP:" for TCP.

There are some text commands you can send the server to affect its behavior:

Command Behavior
"EXIT" Causes the game server to exit cleanly calling os.Exit(0)
"UNHEATHY" Stopping sending health checks
"GAMESERVER" Sends back the game server name
"READY" Marks the server as Ready
"ALLOCATE" Allocates the game server
"RESERVE" Reserves the game server after the specified duration
"WATCH" Instructs the game server to log changes to the resource
"LABEL" Sets the specified label on the game server resource
"CRASH" Causes the game server to exit / crash immediately
"ANNOTATION" Sets the specified annotation on the game server resource
"PLAYER_CAPACITY" With one argument, gets the player capacity; with two arguments sets the player capacity
"PLAYER_CONNECT" Connects the specified player to the game server
"PLAYER_DISCONNECT" Disconnects the specified player from the game server
"PLAYER_CONNECTED" Returns true/false depending on whether the specified player is connected
"GET_PLAYERS" Returns a list of the connected players
"PLAYER_COUNT" Returns a count of the connected players


The server has a few configuration options that can be set via command line flags. Some can also be set using environment variables.

Flag Environment Variable Default
port PORT 7654
passthrough PASSTHROUGH false
ready READY true
automaticShutdownDelaySec n/a 0
automaticShutdownDelayMin (deprecated) n/a 0
readyDelaySec n/a 0
readyIterations n/a 0
udp UDP true
tcp TCP false



Package main is a very simple server with UDP (default), TCP, or both

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