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Package testing is for project wide testing utilities.



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func AssertEventContains

func AssertEventContains(t *gotesting.T, events <-chan string, contains string)

AssertEventContains asserts that a k8s event stream contains a value, and assert.FailNow() if it does not

func AssertNoEvent

func AssertNoEvent(t *gotesting.T, events <-chan string)

AssertNoEvent asserts that the event stream does not have a value in it (at least in the next second)

func NewEstablishedCRD

func NewEstablishedCRD() *apiextv1.CustomResourceDefinition

NewEstablishedCRD fakes CRD installation success.

func StartInformers

func StartInformers(mocks Mocks, sync ...cache.InformerSynced) (context.Context, context.CancelFunc)

StartInformers starts new fake informers


type FakeAPIHooks added in v1.30.0

type FakeAPIHooks struct {

FakeAPIHooks is a no-op, fake implementation of APIHooks

func (FakeAPIHooks) MutateGameServerPod added in v1.33.0

func (f FakeAPIHooks) MutateGameServerPod(_ *agonesv1.GameServerSpec, pod *corev1.Pod) error

MutateGameServerPod is called by createGameServerPod to allow for product specific pod mutation.

func (FakeAPIHooks) SetEviction added in v1.30.0

func (f FakeAPIHooks) SetEviction(_ *agonesv1.Eviction, pod *corev1.Pod) error

SetEviction is called by gs.Pod to enforce GameServer.Status.Eviction.

func (FakeAPIHooks) ValidateGameServerSpec added in v1.30.0

func (f FakeAPIHooks) ValidateGameServerSpec(_ *agonesv1.GameServerSpec, _ *field.Path) field.ErrorList

ValidateGameServerSpec is called by GameServer.Validate to allow for product specific validation.

func (FakeAPIHooks) ValidateScheduling added in v1.30.0

func (f FakeAPIHooks) ValidateScheduling(_ apis.SchedulingStrategy, _ *field.Path) field.ErrorList

ValidateScheduling is called by Fleet and GameServerSet Validate() to allow for product specific validation of scheduling strategy.

type Mocks

type Mocks struct {
	KubeClient            *kubefake.Clientset
	KubeInformerFactory   informers.SharedInformerFactory
	ExtClient             *extfake.Clientset
	AgonesClient          *agonesfake.Clientset
	AgonesInformerFactory externalversions.SharedInformerFactory
	FakeRecorder          *record.FakeRecorder
	Mux                   *http.ServeMux

Mocks is a holder for all my fakes and Mocks

func NewMocks

func NewMocks() Mocks

NewMocks creates a new set of fakes and mocks.

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