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func NewMockBCClient

func NewMockBCClient(t *testing.T) bcclientgo.BCClient


type MockBCClient

type MockBCClient struct {
	MockRoot                                                  string
	MockPeers                                                 []string
	MockCache                                                 bcgo.Cache
	MockNetwork                                               bcgo.Network
	MockAccount                                               bcgo.Account
	MockNode                                                  bcgo.Node
	MockListener                                              bcgo.MiningListener
	MockAlias                                                 string
	MockPeer                                                  string
	MockHasCache, MockHasNetwork, MockHasAccount, MockHasNode bool
	MockPublicKeyBytes                                        []byte
	MockPublicKeyFormat                                       cryptogo.PublicKeyFormat
	MockChannel                                               string
	MockHeadHash, MockBlockHash, MockRecordHash               []byte
	MockBlockCallback                                         func([]byte, *bcgo.Block) error
	MockBlockCallbackResults                                  []*MockBlockCallbackResult
	MockBlock                                                 *bcgo.Block
	MockRecord                                                *bcgo.Record
	MockWriter                                                io.Writer
	MockAccesses                                              []string
	MockReader                                                io.Reader
	MockWriteCount                                            int
	MockThreshold                                             uint64
	MockPassword                                              []byte
	MockAccessCode                                            string

	MockRootError, MockCacheError, MockNetworkError, MockAccountError, MockNodeError, MockPublicKeyError                                   error
	MockHeadError, MockChainError, MockBlockError, MockRecordError, MockPushError, MockPullError                                           error
	MockPurgeError, MockImportError, MockExportError, MockReadError, MockReadKeyError, MockReadPayloadError, MockWriteError, MockMineError error

func (*MockBCClient) Account added in v1.2.2

func (c *MockBCClient) Account() (bcgo.Account, error)

func (*MockBCClient) Block

func (c *MockBCClient) Block(channel string, hash []byte) (*bcgo.Block, error)

func (*MockBCClient) Cache

func (c *MockBCClient) Cache() (bcgo.Cache, error)

func (*MockBCClient) Chain

func (c *MockBCClient) Chain(channel string, callback func([]byte, *bcgo.Block) error) error

func (*MockBCClient) ExportKeys

func (c *MockBCClient) ExportKeys(peer, alias string, password []byte) (string, error)

func (*MockBCClient) HasAccount added in v1.2.2

func (c *MockBCClient) HasAccount() bool

func (*MockBCClient) HasCache added in v1.2.2

func (c *MockBCClient) HasCache() bool

func (*MockBCClient) HasNetwork added in v1.2.2

func (c *MockBCClient) HasNetwork() bool

func (*MockBCClient) HasNode added in v1.2.2

func (c *MockBCClient) HasNode() bool

func (*MockBCClient) Head

func (c *MockBCClient) Head(channel string) ([]byte, error)

func (*MockBCClient) ImportKeys

func (c *MockBCClient) ImportKeys(peer, alias, accessCode string) error

func (*MockBCClient) Mine

func (c *MockBCClient) Mine(channel string, threshold uint64, listener bcgo.MiningListener) ([]byte, error)

func (*MockBCClient) Network

func (c *MockBCClient) Network() (bcgo.Network, error)

func (*MockBCClient) Node

func (c *MockBCClient) Node() (bcgo.Node, error)

func (*MockBCClient) Peers

func (c *MockBCClient) Peers() []string

func (*MockBCClient) PublicKey

func (c *MockBCClient) PublicKey(alias string) (cryptogo.PublicKeyFormat, []byte, error)

func (*MockBCClient) Pull

func (c *MockBCClient) Pull(channel string) error

func (*MockBCClient) Purge

func (c *MockBCClient) Purge() error

func (*MockBCClient) Push

func (c *MockBCClient) Push(channel string) error

func (*MockBCClient) Read

func (c *MockBCClient) Read(channel string, blockHash []byte, recordHash []byte, output io.Writer) error

func (*MockBCClient) ReadKey

func (c *MockBCClient) ReadKey(channel string, blockHash []byte, recordHash []byte, output io.Writer) error

func (*MockBCClient) ReadPayload

func (c *MockBCClient) ReadPayload(channel string, blockHash []byte, recordHash []byte, output io.Writer) error

func (*MockBCClient) Record

func (c *MockBCClient) Record(channel string, hash []byte) (*bcgo.Record, error)

func (*MockBCClient) Root

func (c *MockBCClient) Root() (string, error)

func (*MockBCClient) SetAccount added in v1.2.2

func (c *MockBCClient) SetAccount(account bcgo.Account)

func (*MockBCClient) SetCache

func (c *MockBCClient) SetCache(cache bcgo.Cache)

func (*MockBCClient) SetNetwork

func (c *MockBCClient) SetNetwork(network bcgo.Network)

func (*MockBCClient) SetNode

func (c *MockBCClient) SetNode(node bcgo.Node)

func (*MockBCClient) SetPeers

func (c *MockBCClient) SetPeers(peers ...string)

func (*MockBCClient) SetRoot

func (c *MockBCClient) SetRoot(root string)

func (*MockBCClient) Write

func (c *MockBCClient) Write(channel string, accesses []string, input io.Reader) (int, error)

type MockBlockCallbackResult

type MockBlockCallbackResult struct {
	Hash  []byte
	Block *bcgo.Block

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