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type MockMetaCallbackResult

type MockMetaCallbackResult struct {
	Entry *bcgo.BlockEntry
	Meta  *spacego.Meta

type MockRegistrationCallbackResult

type MockRegistrationCallbackResult struct {
	Entry        *bcgo.BlockEntry
	Registration *financego.Registration

type MockSpaceClient

type MockSpaceClient struct {
	MockContext                     context.Context
	MockName, MockMime              string
	MockReference                   *bcgo.Reference
	MockReferences                  []*bcgo.Reference
	MockDeltaChannel                bcgo.Channel
	MockDeltas                      []*spacego.Delta
	MockHash                        []byte
	MockMetaFilter                  spacego.MetaFilter
	MockMetaCallback                spacego.MetaCallback
	MockMetaCallbackResults         []*MockMetaCallbackResult
	MockWriteCloser                 io.WriteCloser
	MockTagFilter                   spacego.TagFilter
	MockTags                        []string
	MockMerchant                    string
	MockRegistrationCallback        financego.RegistrationCallback
	MockRegistrationCallbackResults []*MockRegistrationCallbackResult
	MockSubscriptionCallback        financego.SubscriptionCallback
	MockSubscriptionCallbackResults []*MockSubscriptionCallbackResult

	MockAddError, MockAppendError                error
	MockMetaError, MockAllMetasError             error
	MockReadError, MockWriteError                error
	MockAddTagError, MockAllTagsError            error
	MockSearchMetaError, MockSearchTagError      error
	MockRegistrationError, MockSubscriptionError error

func NewMockSpaceClient

func NewMockSpaceClient(t *testing.T) *MockSpaceClient

func (*MockSpaceClient) Add

func (c *MockSpaceClient) Add(node bcgo.Node, listener bcgo.MiningListener, name, mime string, reader io.Reader) (*bcgo.Reference, error)

func (*MockSpaceClient) AddTag

func (c *MockSpaceClient) AddTag(node bcgo.Node, listener bcgo.MiningListener, hash []byte, tags []string) ([]*bcgo.Reference, error)

func (*MockSpaceClient) AllMetas

func (c *MockSpaceClient) AllMetas(node bcgo.Node, callback spacego.MetaCallback) error

func (*MockSpaceClient) AllTagsForHash

func (c *MockSpaceClient) AllTagsForHash(node bcgo.Node, hash []byte, callback spacego.TagCallback) error

func (*MockSpaceClient) Amend added in v1.2.4

func (c *MockSpaceClient) Amend(node bcgo.Node, listener bcgo.MiningListener, channel bcgo.Channel, deltas ...*spacego.Delta) error

func (*MockSpaceClient) MetaForHash

func (c *MockSpaceClient) MetaForHash(node bcgo.Node, hash []byte, callback spacego.MetaCallback) error

func (*MockSpaceClient) ReadFile

func (c *MockSpaceClient) ReadFile(node bcgo.Node, hash []byte) (io.Reader, error)

func (*MockSpaceClient) Registration

func (c *MockSpaceClient) Registration(merchant string, callback financego.RegistrationCallback) error

func (*MockSpaceClient) SearchMeta added in v1.2.2

func (c *MockSpaceClient) SearchMeta(node bcgo.Node, filter spacego.MetaFilter, callback spacego.MetaCallback) error

func (*MockSpaceClient) SearchTag added in v1.2.2

func (c *MockSpaceClient) SearchTag(node bcgo.Node, filter spacego.TagFilter, callback spacego.MetaCallback) error

func (*MockSpaceClient) Subscription

func (c *MockSpaceClient) Subscription(merchant string, callback financego.SubscriptionCallback) error

func (*MockSpaceClient) WatchFile added in v1.2.3

func (c *MockSpaceClient) WatchFile(ctx context.Context, node bcgo.Node, hash []byte, callback func())

func (*MockSpaceClient) WriteFile added in v1.2.3

func (c *MockSpaceClient) WriteFile(node bcgo.Node, listener bcgo.MiningListener, hash []byte) (io.WriteCloser, error)

type MockSubscriptionCallbackResult

type MockSubscriptionCallbackResult struct {
	Entry        *bcgo.BlockEntry
	Subscription *financego.Subscription

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