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func NewEgressIPScheduler added in v1.11.0

func NewEgressIPScheduler(cluster memberlist.Interface, egressInformer crdinformers.EgressInformer, nodeInformer corev1informers.NodeInformer, maxEgressIPsPerNode int) *egressIPScheduler


type EgressController

type EgressController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewEgressController

func NewEgressController(
	ofClient openflow.Client,
	antreaClientGetter agent.AntreaClientProvider,
	crdClient clientsetversioned.Interface,
	ifaceStore interfacestore.InterfaceStore,
	routeClient route.Interface,
	nodeName string,
	nodeTransportInterface string,
	cluster memberlist.Interface,
	egressInformer crdinformers.EgressInformer,
	nodeInformers coreinformers.NodeInformer,
	podUpdateSubscriber channel.Subscriber,
	maxEgressIPsPerNode int,
) (*EgressController, error)

func (*EgressController) GetEgress added in v1.10.0

func (c *EgressController) GetEgress(ns, podName string) (string, string, error)

GetEgress returns effective Egress and Egress IP applied on a Pod.

func (*EgressController) GetEgressIPByMark added in v1.10.0

func (c *EgressController) GetEgressIPByMark(mark uint32) (string, error)

GetEgressIPByMark returns the Egress IP associated with the snatMark.

func (*EgressController) Run

func (c *EgressController) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run will create defaultWorkers workers (go routines) which will process the Egress events from the workqueue.

type EgressesByCreationTimestamp added in v1.11.0

type EgressesByCreationTimestamp []*crdv1b1.Egress

EgressesByCreationTimestamp sorts a list of Egresses by creation timestamp.

func (EgressesByCreationTimestamp) Len added in v1.11.0

func (EgressesByCreationTimestamp) Less added in v1.11.0

func (o EgressesByCreationTimestamp) Less(i, j int) bool

func (EgressesByCreationTimestamp) Swap added in v1.11.0

func (o EgressesByCreationTimestamp) Swap(i, j int)

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