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type Interface

type Interface interface {
	// Init initializes the WireGuard client and sets up the WireGuard device.
	// It will generate a new private key if necessary.
	// If IPv4 or IPv6 address specified, it will be set as the WireGuard interface's
	// IP address.
	Init(ipv4 net.IP, ipv6 net.IP) (string, error)
	// UpdatePeer updates WireGuard peer by provided public key and Node IPs.
	// It will create a new WireGuard peer if the specified Node is not present in WireGuard device.
	UpdatePeer(nodeName, publicKeyString string, peerNodeIP net.IP, allowedIPs []*net.IPNet) error
	// RemoveStalePeers reads existing WireGuard peers from the WireGuard device and deletes those which are not in currentPeerPublickeys.
	// currentPeerPublickeys is a map of Node names to public keys. It is useful to clean up stale WireGuard peers upon antrea starting.
	RemoveStalePeers(currentPeerPublickeys map[string]string) error
	// DeletePeer deletes the WireGuard peer by Node name.
	DeletePeer(nodeName string) error
	// CleanUp cleans the network interface on the host created by WireGuard client.
	CleanUp() error

func New

func New(nodeConfig *config.NodeConfig, wireGuardConfig *config.WireGuardConfig) (Interface, error)


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