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Published: Jun 21, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 10 Imported by: 0




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const (
	IsAppliedToServiceIndex = "isAppliedToService"
	SourceGroupIndex        = "sourceGroup"
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const (
	ServiceIndex      = "service"
	ChildGroupIndex   = "childGroup"
	IPBlockGroupIndex = "hasIPBlocks"
	HasIPBlocks       = "true"
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const (
	AppliedToGroupIndex = "appliedToGroup"
	AddressGroupIndex   = "addressGroup"
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const IsNodeAddressGroupIndex = "isNodeAddressGroup"


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func AddressGroupKeyFunc

func AddressGroupKeyFunc(obj interface{}) (string, error)

AddressGroupKeyFunc knows how to get the key of an AddressGroup.

func AppliedToGroupKeyFunc

func AppliedToGroupKeyFunc(obj interface{}) (string, error)

AppliedToGroupKeyFunc knows how to get the key of an AppliedToGroup.

func GroupKeyFunc

func GroupKeyFunc(obj interface{}) (string, error)

GroupKeyFunc knows how to get the key of a Group.

func NetworkPolicyKeyFunc

func NetworkPolicyKeyFunc(obj interface{}) (string, error)

NetworkPolicyKeyFunc knows how to get the key of a NetworkPolicy.

func NewAddressGroupStore

func NewAddressGroupStore() storage.Interface

NewAddressGroupStore creates a store of AddressGroup.

func NewAppliedToGroupStore

func NewAppliedToGroupStore() storage.Interface

NewAppliedToGroupStore creates a store of AppliedToGroup.

func NewGroupStore

func NewGroupStore() storage.Interface

NewGroupStore creates a store of Group.

func NewNetworkPolicyStore

func NewNetworkPolicyStore() storage.Interface

NewNetworkPolicyStore creates a store of NetworkPolicy.

func ToAddressGroupMsg

func ToAddressGroupMsg(in *types.AddressGroup, out *controlplane.AddressGroup, includeBody bool)

ToAddressGroupMsg converts the stored AddressGroup to its message form. If includeBody is true, IPAddresses will be copied.

func ToAppliedToGroupMsg

func ToAppliedToGroupMsg(in *types.AppliedToGroup, out *controlplane.AppliedToGroup, includeBody bool, nodeName *string)

ToAppliedToGroupMsg converts the stored AppliedToGroup to its message form. If includeBody is true, GroupMembers will be copied. If nodeName is provided, only GroupMembers that hosted by the Node will be copied.

func ToNetworkPolicyMsg

func ToNetworkPolicyMsg(in *types.NetworkPolicy, out *controlplane.NetworkPolicy, includeBody bool)

ToNetworkPolicyMsg converts the stored NetworkPolicy to its message form. If includeBody is true, Rules and AppliedToGroups will be copied.


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