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func HandleFunc

func HandleFunc(aq querier.AgentQuerier) http.HandlerFunc

HandleFunc returns the function which can handle queries issued by agentinfo commands. The handler function populates Antrea agent information to the response.


type AntreaAgentInfoResponse

type AntreaAgentInfoResponse struct {
	Version                     string                              `json:"version,omitempty"`                     // Antrea binary version
	PodRef                      corev1.ObjectReference              `json:"podRef,omitempty"`                      // The Pod that Antrea Agent is running in
	NodeRef                     corev1.ObjectReference              `json:"nodeRef,omitempty"`                     // The Node that Antrea Agent is running in
	NodeSubnets                 []string                            `json:"nodeSubnets,omitempty"`                 // Node subnets
	OVSInfo                     v1beta1.OVSInfo                     `json:"ovsInfo,omitempty"`                     // OVS Information
	NetworkPolicyControllerInfo v1beta1.NetworkPolicyControllerInfo `json:"networkPolicyControllerInfo,omitempty"` // Antrea Agent NetworkPolicy information
	LocalPodNum                 int32                               `json:"localPodNum,omitempty"`                 // The number of Pods which the agent is in charge of
	AgentConditions             []v1beta1.AgentCondition            `json:"agentConditions,omitempty"`             // Agent condition contains types like AgentHealthy

AntreaAgentInfoResponse is the struct for the response of agentinfo command. It includes all fields except meta info from v1beta1.AntreaAgentInfo struct.

func (AntreaAgentInfoResponse) GetAgentConditionStr

func (r AntreaAgentInfoResponse) GetAgentConditionStr() string

func (AntreaAgentInfoResponse) GetTableHeader

func (r AntreaAgentInfoResponse) GetTableHeader() []string

func (AntreaAgentInfoResponse) GetTableRow

func (r AntreaAgentInfoResponse) GetTableRow(maxColumnLength int) []string

func (AntreaAgentInfoResponse) SortRows

func (r AntreaAgentInfoResponse) SortRows() bool

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