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const (
	IPv4HdrLen uint16 = 20
	IPv6HdrLen uint16 = 40

	ICMPUnusedHdrLen uint16 = 4

	TCPAck uint8 = 0b010000
	TCPRst uint8 = 0b000100

	ICMPDstUnreachableType         uint8 = 3
	ICMPDstHostAdminProhibitedCode uint8 = 10

	ICMPv6DstUnreachableType     uint8 = 1
	ICMPv6DstAdminProhibitedCode uint8 = 1
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const (
	MaxUint16 = ^uint16(0)

	DefaultTierPriority          = int32(250)
	BaselinePolicyBottomPriority = uint16(10)
	BaselinePolicyTopPriority    = uint16(180)
	PolicyBottomPriority         = uint16(100)
	PolicyTopPriority            = uint16(65000)
	PriorityOffsetBaselineTier   = float64(10)
	TierOffsetBaselineTier       = uint16(0)
	PriorityOffsetMultiTier      = float64(20)
	PriorityOffsetDefaultTier    = float64(100)
	TierOffsetMultiTier          = uint16(200)
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const (
	RuleIDLength = 16


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var (
	AntreaPolicyLogger *log.Logger


This section is empty.


type CompletedRule

type CompletedRule struct {

	// Source GroupMembers of this rule, can't coexist with ToAddresses.
	FromAddresses v1beta.GroupMemberSet
	// Destination GroupMembers of this rule, can't coexist with FromAddresses.
	ToAddresses v1beta.GroupMemberSet
	// Target GroupMembers of this rule.
	TargetMembers v1beta.GroupMemberSet
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CompletedRule contains IPAddresses and Pods flattened from AddressGroups and AppliedToGroups. It's the struct used by reconciler.

func (*CompletedRule) String

func (r *CompletedRule) String() string

String returns the string representation of the CompletedRule.

type Controller

type Controller struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller is responsible for watching Antrea AddressGroups, AppliedToGroups, and NetworkPolicies, feeding them to ruleCache, getting dirty rules from ruleCache, invoking reconciler to reconcile them.

        a.Feed AddressGroups,AppliedToGroups
             and NetworkPolicies
|-----------|    <--------    |----------- |  c. Reconcile dirty rules |----------- |
| ruleCache |                 | Controller |     ------------>         | reconciler |
| ----------|    -------->    |----------- |                           |----------- |
            b. Notify dirty rules

func NewNetworkPolicyController

func NewNetworkPolicyController(antreaClientGetter agent.AntreaClientProvider,
	ofClient openflow.Client,
	ifaceStore interfacestore.InterfaceStore,
	nodeName string,
	entityUpdates <-chan types.EntityReference,
	antreaPolicyEnabled bool,
	statusManagerEnabled bool,
	loggingEnabled bool,
	denyConnStore *connections.DenyConnectionStore,
	asyncRuleDeleteInterval time.Duration) (*Controller, error)

NewNetworkPolicyController returns a new *Controller.

func (*Controller) GetAddressGroupNum

func (c *Controller) GetAddressGroupNum() int

func (*Controller) GetAddressGroups

func (c *Controller) GetAddressGroups() []v1beta2.AddressGroup

func (*Controller) GetAppliedNetworkPolicies

func (c *Controller) GetAppliedNetworkPolicies(pod, namespace string, npFilter *querier.NetworkPolicyQueryFilter) []v1beta2.NetworkPolicy

GetAppliedToNetworkPolicies returns the NetworkPolicies applied to the Pod and match the filter.

func (*Controller) GetAppliedToGroupNum

func (c *Controller) GetAppliedToGroupNum() int

func (*Controller) GetAppliedToGroups

func (c *Controller) GetAppliedToGroups() []v1beta2.AppliedToGroup

func (*Controller) GetControllerConnectionStatus

func (c *Controller) GetControllerConnectionStatus() bool

func (*Controller) GetNetworkPolicies

func (c *Controller) GetNetworkPolicies(npFilter *querier.NetworkPolicyQueryFilter) []v1beta2.NetworkPolicy

GetNetworkPolicies returns the requested NetworkPolicies. This func will return all NetworkPolicies that can match all provided attributes in NetworkPolicyQueryFilter. These not provided attributes in NetworkPolicyQueryFilter means match all.

func (*Controller) GetNetworkPolicyByRuleFlowID

func (c *Controller) GetNetworkPolicyByRuleFlowID(ruleFlowID uint32) *v1beta2.NetworkPolicyReference

func (*Controller) GetNetworkPolicyNum

func (c *Controller) GetNetworkPolicyNum() int

func (*Controller) GetRuleByFlowID

func (c *Controller) GetRuleByFlowID(ruleFlowID uint32) *types.PolicyRule

func (*Controller) HandlePacketIn

func (c *Controller) HandlePacketIn(pktIn *ofctrl.PacketIn) error

HandlePacketIn is the packetin handler registered to openflow by Antrea network policy agent controller. It performs the appropriate operations based on which bits are set in the "custom reasons" field of the packet received from OVS.

func (*Controller) Run

func (c *Controller) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run begins watching and processing Antrea AddressGroups, AppliedToGroups and NetworkPolicies, and spawns workers that reconciles NetworkPolicy rules. Run will not return until stopCh is closed.

type PriorityUpdate

type PriorityUpdate struct {
	Original uint16
	Updated  uint16

PriorityUpdate stores the original and updated ofPriority of a Priority.

type Reconciler

type Reconciler interface {
	// Reconcile reconciles the desired state of the provided CompletedRule
	// with the actual state of Openflow entries.
	Reconcile(rule *CompletedRule) error

	// BatchReconcile reconciles the desired state of the provided CompletedRules
	// with the actual state of Openflow entries in batch. It should only be invoked
	// if all rules are newly added without last realized status.
	BatchReconcile(rules []*CompletedRule) error

	// Forget cleanups the actual state of Openflow entries of the specified ruleID.
	Forget(ruleID string) error

	// GetRuleByFlowID returns the rule from the async rule cache in idAllocator cache.
	GetRuleByFlowID(ruleID uint32) (*types.PolicyRule, bool, error)

	// RunIDAllocatorWorker runs the worker that deletes the rules from the cache
	// in idAllocator.
	RunIDAllocatorWorker(stopCh <-chan struct{})

Reconciler is an interface that knows how to reconcile the desired state of CompletedRule with the actual state of Openflow entries.

type StatusController

type StatusController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StatusController implements StatusManager.

func (*StatusController) DeleteRuleRealization

func (c *StatusController) DeleteRuleRealization(ruleID string)

func (*StatusController) Resync

func (c *StatusController) Resync(policyID types.UID)

func (*StatusController) Run

func (c *StatusController) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

func (*StatusController) SetRuleRealization

func (c *StatusController) SetRuleRealization(ruleID string, policyID types.UID)

type StatusManager

type StatusManager interface {
	// SetRuleRealization updates the actual status for the given NetworkPolicy rule.
	SetRuleRealization(ruleID string, policyID types.UID)
	// DeleteRuleRealization deletes the actual status for the given NetworkPolicy rule.
	DeleteRuleRealization(ruleID string)
	// Resync triggers syncing status with the antrea-controller for the given NetworkPolicy.
	Resync(policyID types.UID)
	// Start the status sync loop.
	Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

StatusManager keeps track of the realized NetworkPolicy rules. It syncs the status of a NetworkPolicy to the antrea-controller once it is realized. A policy is considered realized when all of its desired rules have been realized and all of its undesired rules have been removed. For each new policy, SetRuleRealization is supposed to be called for each of its desired rules while DeleteRuleRealization is supposed to be called for the removed rules.

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