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const (

	// alpha: v0.8
	// beta: v1.0
	// Enables support for ClusterNetworkPolicy and AntreaNetworkPolicy CRDs.
	AntreaPolicy featuregate.Feature = "AntreaPolicy"

	// alpha: v0.13
	// Enable EndpointSlice support in AntreaProxy. If AntreaProxy is not enabled, this
	// flag will not take effect.
	EndpointSlice featuregate.Feature = "EndpointSlice"

	// alpha: v0.8
	// beta: v0.11
	// Enable antrea proxy which provides ServiceLB for in-cluster services in antrea agent.
	// It should be enabled on Windows, otherwise NetworkPolicy will not take effect on
	// Service traffic.
	AntreaProxy featuregate.Feature = "AntreaProxy"

	// alpha: v0.8
	// beta: v0.11
	// Allows to trace path from a generated packet.
	Traceflow featuregate.Feature = "Traceflow"

	// alpha: v0.9
	// Flow exporter exports IPFIX flow records of Antrea flows seen in conntrack module.
	FlowExporter featuregate.Feature = "FlowExporter"

	// alpha: v0.10
	// beta: v1.2
	// Enable collecting and exposing NetworkPolicy statistics.
	NetworkPolicyStats featuregate.Feature = "NetworkPolicyStats"

	// alpha: v0.13
	// Expose Pod ports through NodePort
	NodePortLocal featuregate.Feature = "NodePortLocal"

	// alpha: v1.0
	// Enable controlling SNAT IPs of Pod egress traffic.
	Egress featuregate.Feature = "Egress"


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var (
	// DefaultMutableFeatureGate is a mutable version of DefaultFeatureGate.
	DefaultMutableFeatureGate featuregate.MutableFeatureGate = featuregate.NewFeatureGate()

	// DefaultFeatureGate is a shared global FeatureGate.
	// The feature gate should be modified via DefaultMutableFeatureGate.
	DefaultFeatureGate featuregate.FeatureGate = DefaultMutableFeatureGate

	// DefaultAntreaFeatureGates consists of all known Antrea-specific feature keys.
	// To add a new feature, define a key for it above and add it here. The features will be
	// available throughout Antrea binaries.
	DefaultAntreaFeatureGates = map[featuregate.Feature]featuregate.FeatureSpec{
		AntreaPolicy:       {Default: true, PreRelease: featuregate.Beta},
		AntreaProxy:        {Default: true, PreRelease: featuregate.Beta},
		Egress:             {Default: false, PreRelease: featuregate.Alpha},
		EndpointSlice:      {Default: false, PreRelease: featuregate.Alpha},
		Traceflow:          {Default: true, PreRelease: featuregate.Beta},
		FlowExporter:       {Default: false, PreRelease: featuregate.Alpha},
		NetworkPolicyStats: {Default: true, PreRelease: featuregate.Beta},
		NodePortLocal:      {Default: false, PreRelease: featuregate.Alpha},


func SupportedOnWindows

func SupportedOnWindows(feature featuregate.Feature) bool

SupportedOnWindows checks whether a feature is supported on a Windows Node.


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