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func NewEndpointInfo

func NewEndpointInfo(baseInfo *k8sproxy.BaseEndpointInfo) k8sproxy.Endpoint

NewEndpointInfo returns a new k8sproxy.Endpoint which abstracts an endpointsInfo.

func NewGroupCounter

func NewGroupCounter(isIPv6 bool, groupIDUpdates chan<- string) *groupCounter

func NewServiceInfo

func NewServiceInfo(port *corev1.ServicePort, service *corev1.Service, baseInfo *k8sproxy.BaseServiceInfo) k8sproxy.ServicePort

NewServiceInfo returns a new k8sproxy.ServicePort which abstracts a serviceInfo.


type GroupCounter

type GroupCounter interface {
	// Get generates a global unique group ID for a specific service.
	// If the group ID of the service has been generated, then return the
	// prior one. The bool return value indicates whether the groupID is newly
	// generated.
	Get(svcPortName k8sproxy.ServicePortName, isEndpointsLocal bool) (binding.GroupIDType, bool)
	// Recycle removes a Service Group ID mapping. The recycled groupID can be
	// reused.
	Recycle(svcPortName k8sproxy.ServicePortName, isEndpointsLocal bool) bool
	// GetAllGroupIDs gets all groupID related to a Service.
	GetAllGroupIDs(svcNamespacedName string) []binding.GroupIDType

GroupCounter generates and manages global unique group ID.

type ServiceInfo

type ServiceInfo struct {
	// cache for performance
	OFProtocol openflow.Protocol

ServiceInfo is the internal struct for caching service information.

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