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Package util contains utility functions which are used in the agent implementation.



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const (
	FamilyIPv4 uint8 = 4
	FamilyIPv6 uint8 = 6


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func ConfigureLinkAddresses

func ConfigureLinkAddresses(idx int, ipNets []*net.IPNet) error

ConfigureLinkAddresses adds the provided addresses to the interface identified by index idx, if they are missing from the interface. Any other existing address already configured for the interface will be removed, unless it is a link-local address.

func ConfigureLinkRoutes added in v1.8.0

func ConfigureLinkRoutes(link netlink.Link, routes []interface{}) error

func DeleteOVSPort added in v1.4.0

func DeleteOVSPort(brName, portName string) error

DeleteOVSPort deletes specific OVS port. This function calls ovs-vsctl command to bypass OVS bridge client to work when agent exiting.

func DialLocalSocket

func DialLocalSocket(address string) (net.Conn, error)

DialLocalSocket connects to a Unix domain socket.

func ExtendCIDRWithIP added in v1.4.0

func ExtendCIDRWithIP(ipNet *net.IPNet, ip net.IP) (*net.IPNet, error)

ExtendCIDRWithIP is used for extending an IPNet with an IP.

func GenerateContainerInterfaceKey

func GenerateContainerInterfaceKey(containerID string) string

GenerateContainerInterfaceKey generates a unique string for a Pod's interface as: container/<Container-ID>. We must use ContainerID instead of PodNamespace + PodName because there could be more than one container associated with the same Pod at some point. For example, when deleting a StatefulSet Pod with 0 second grace period, the Pod will be removed from the Kubernetes API very quickly and a new Pod will be created immediately, and kubelet may process the deletion of the previous Pod and the addition of the new Pod simultaneously.

func GenerateContainerInterfaceName

func GenerateContainerInterfaceName(podName, podNamespace, containerID string) string

GenerateContainerInterfaceName generates a unique interface name using the Pod's namespace, name and containerID. The output should be deterministic (so that multiple calls to GenerateContainerInterfaceName with the same parameters return the same value). The output has the length of interfaceNameLength(15). The probability of collision should be neglectable.

func GenerateNodeTunnelInterfaceKey

func GenerateNodeTunnelInterfaceKey(nodeName string) string

GenerateNodeTunnelInterfaceKey generates a unique string for a Node's tunnel interface as: node/<Node-name>.

func GenerateNodeTunnelInterfaceName

func GenerateNodeTunnelInterfaceName(nodeName string) string

GenerateNodeTunnelInterfaceName generates a unique interface name for the tunnel to the Node, using the Node's name.

func GenerateRandomMAC added in v1.7.2

func GenerateRandomMAC() net.HardwareAddr

func GenerateUplinkInterfaceName added in v1.7.1

func GenerateUplinkInterfaceName(name string) string

GenerateUplinkInterfaceName generates the uplink interface name after bridged to OVS

func GetAllIPNetsByName added in v1.7.1

func GetAllIPNetsByName(ifaceName string) ([]*net.IPNet, error)

func GetAllNodeAddresses added in v1.4.0

func GetAllNodeAddresses(excludeDevices []string) ([]net.IP, []net.IP, error)

GetAllNodeAddresses gets all Node IP addresses (not including IPv6 link local address).

func GetIPNetDeviceByCIDRs added in v1.4.0

func GetIPNetDeviceByCIDRs(cidrsList []string) (v4IPNet, v6IPNet *net.IPNet, link *net.Interface, err error)

func GetIPNetDeviceByName added in v1.2.4

func GetIPNetDeviceByName(ifaceName string) (v4IPNet *net.IPNet, v6IPNet *net.IPNet, link *net.Interface, err error)

func GetIPNetDeviceFromIP

func GetIPNetDeviceFromIP(localIPs *ip.DualStackIPs, ignoredInterfaces sets.String) (v4IPNet *net.IPNet, v6IPNet *net.IPNet, iface *net.Interface, err error)

GetIPNetDeviceFromIP returns local IPs/masks and associated device from IP, and ignores the interfaces which have names in the ignoredInterfaces.

func GetIPNetsByLink(link *net.Interface) ([]*net.IPNet, error)

func GetIPWithFamily

func GetIPWithFamily(ips []net.IP, addrFamily uint8) (net.IP, error)

func GetIPv4Addr

func GetIPv4Addr(ips []net.IP) net.IP

func GetInterfaceConfig added in v1.8.0

func GetInterfaceConfig(ifName string) (*net.Interface, []*net.IPNet, []interface{}, error)

func GetNSDevInterface

func GetNSDevInterface(nsPath, dev string) (*net.Interface, error)

GetNSDevInterface returns interface of dev in namespace nsPath.

func GetNSPath

func GetNSPath(netnsName string) (string, error)

GetNSPath returns the path of the specified netns.

func GetNSPeerDevBridge

func GetNSPeerDevBridge(nsPath, dev string) (*net.Interface, string, error)

GetNSPeerDevBridge returns peer device and its attached bridge (if applicable) for device dev in network space indicated by nsPath

func GetNetLink(dev string) netlink.Link

GetNetLink returns dev link from name.

func HostInterfaceExists added in v1.8.0

func HostInterfaceExists(ifName string) bool

func ListenLocalSocket

func ListenLocalSocket(address string) (net.Listener, error)

ListenLocalSocket creates a listener on a Unix domain socket.

func NewIPNet added in v1.4.0

func NewIPNet(ip net.IP) *net.IPNet

Copied from github.com/vishvananda/netlink/netlink.go NewIPNet generates an IPNet from an ip address using a netmask of 32 or 128.

func PortToUint16 added in v1.7.0

func PortToUint16(port int) uint16

func RemoveLinkIPs added in v1.8.0

func RemoveLinkIPs(link netlink.Link) error

func RemoveLinkRoutes added in v1.8.0

func RemoveLinkRoutes(link netlink.Link) error

func RenameInterface added in v1.7.1

func RenameInterface(from, to string) error

func SetAdapterMACAddress added in v1.4.0

func SetAdapterMACAddress(adapterName string, macConfig *net.HardwareAddr) error

SetAdapterMACAddress set specified MAC address on interface.

func SetLinkUp

func SetLinkUp(name string) (net.HardwareAddr, int, error)


type LinkNotFound

type LinkNotFound struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields


Path Synopsis
Package ethtool provides Go wrappers for ioctl ethtool system calls on Linux
Package ethtool provides Go wrappers for ioctl ethtool system calls on Linux
Package ndp contains functions to send NDP neighbor advertisement on Linux.
Package ndp contains functions to send NDP neighbor advertisement on Linux.
Package systcl contains utility functions to read and write sysctl configuration on Linux.
Package systcl contains utility functions to read and write sysctl configuration on Linux.
Package winfirewall contains utility functions to configure the Windows firewall.
Package winfirewall contains utility functions to configure the Windows firewall.

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