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Published: Feb 9, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 2 Imported by: 0



Package buffer implements a buffer for serialization, consisting of a chain of []byte-s to reduce copying and to allow reuse of individual chunks.



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func Init

func Init(cfg PoolConfig)

Init sets up a non-default pooling and allocation strategy. Should be run before serialization is done.


type Buffer

type Buffer struct {

	// Buf is the current chunk that can be used for serialization.
	Buf []byte
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Buffer is a buffer optimized for serialization without extra copying.

func (*Buffer) AppendByte

func (b *Buffer) AppendByte(data byte)

AppendByte appends a single byte to buffer.

func (*Buffer) AppendBytes

func (b *Buffer) AppendBytes(data []byte)

AppendBytes appends a byte slice to buffer.

func (*Buffer) AppendString

func (b *Buffer) AppendString(data string)

AppendBytes appends a string to buffer.

func (*Buffer) BuildBytes

func (b *Buffer) BuildBytes(reuse ...[]byte) []byte

BuildBytes creates a single byte slice with all the contents of the buffer. Data is copied if it does not fit in a single chunk. You can optionally provide one byte slice as argument that it will try to reuse.

func (*Buffer) DumpTo

func (b *Buffer) DumpTo(w io.Writer) (written int, err error)

DumpTo outputs the contents of a buffer to a writer and resets the buffer.

func (*Buffer) EnsureSpace

func (b *Buffer) EnsureSpace(s int)

EnsureSpace makes sure that the current chunk contains at least s free bytes, possibly creating a new chunk.

func (*Buffer) ReadCloser

func (b *Buffer) ReadCloser() io.ReadCloser

ReadCloser creates an io.ReadCloser with all the contents of the buffer.

func (*Buffer) Size

func (b *Buffer) Size() int

Size computes the size of a buffer by adding sizes of every chunk.

type PoolConfig

type PoolConfig struct {
	StartSize  int // Minimum chunk size that is allocated.
	PooledSize int // Minimum chunk size that is reused, reusing chunks too small will result in overhead.
	MaxSize    int // Maximum chunk size that will be allocated.

PoolConfig contains configuration for the allocation and reuse strategy.

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