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const DefaultVersion = "X"

DefaultVersion is some valid value

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const LegacyVersion = "Y"

LegacyVersion is old

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const TwoPointO = "2.0"

TwoPointO for literal version


This section is empty.


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type Alias

type Alias int

Alias is just an int

type Config

type Config struct {
	// Num describes the number of subthings
	Num int `json:"num"`
	// An option
	// +required
	Option        DirectType         `json:"option"`
	PointerOption *PointerType       `json:"pointeroption"`
	PackageOption subpkg.PackageType `json:"packageoption"`
	AliasedInt    Alias              `json:"aliasedint"`
	Unknown       interface{}        `json:"unknown"`
	Other         map[string]string  `json:"other"`
	// Determines the version of the main thing. Valid variants are:
	// `DefaultVersion` (default): This is the right option,
	// `LegacyVersion`: Will be deprecated,
	// `TwoPointO`,
	// `"2"`
	Version string `json:"version"`
	// Tells us which kind of config.
	// Valid variants are `Kind` constants
	Kind string `json:"kind"`
	// Valid entries are `Kind` constants
	Kinds   []string `json:"kinds"`
	SumType SumType  `json:"sumType"`

Config describes some settings for _some_ things

type DirectType

type DirectType struct {
	Kind string `json:"kind"`

DirectType describes a sub configuration of the Config

type PointerType

type PointerType struct {
	Kind string `json:"kind"`

PointerType describes a sub configuration of the Config

type SumType

type SumType struct {
	// Valid variants are:
	// `"a"`: type A
	// `"b"`: type B
	Type string `json:"type"`

Schema type is one of `SumTypeA`, `SumTypeB`

type SumTypeA

type SumTypeA struct {
	A string `json:"a"`

type SumTypeB

type SumTypeB struct {
	B string `json:"b"`


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