go-tibia: Tibia tools in Go

Just a toy project to see how far Go's built in crypto primitives can take me.

(c) 2017-2020 Ivan Vucica. See the LICENSE for licensing information.

gotserv: OTServ in Go

Main binary:

So far implemented: stub login protocol, stub gameworld protocol which presents a map.

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Package tibia contains no code.

Refer to its subpackages for useful documentation and code.

Source Files


Path Synopsis
cmd/gotserv gotserv is a binary setting up and serving a login and a gameworld server on ports 7171 and 7172.
dat Package dat implements a parser for Tibia dataset files (Tibia.dat), describing items, creatures, etc.
gameworld Package gameworld provides a gameworld protocol server.
imageprint Package imageprint prints images on terminal.
login Package login provides a login protocol server.
net Package net implements network communication primitives for the login and gameworld protocol.
otb Package otb reads in the 'OpenTibia Binary' format.
otb/items Package itemsotb reads in an items.otb file.
otb/map Package otbm implements an OTBM map file format reader and a gameworld map data source.
secrets Package secrets provides RSA secrets for the game, currently just OpenTibia server secret.
spr Package spr implements a reader for individual sprites in a Tibia.spr files.
things Package things implements a registry for items, creatures etc.