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Published: 3 hours ago | Licenses: Apache-2.0 , MIT | Module:
Path Synopsis
cmd/berty Berty is the main CLI entrypoint to manage the Berty ecosystem (client, server, relay, dev).
cmd/berty/mini Package mini contains main helpers to start a term-based Berty mini client.
cmd/rdvp rdvp is a service to hold Berty's rendezvous point for faster peer discovery.
framework/bertybridge Package bertybridge is the main gomobile entrypoint, used to generate iOS and Android frameworks.
internal/cryptoutil Package cryptoutil contains generic & stateless crypto helpers.
internal/discordlog discordlog is an unsafe package used during development to log info directly on the Berty's Discord server.
internal/grpcutil Package grpcutil contains gRPC lazy codecs, messages and a buf-based listener.
internal/handshake Package handshake implements a capability-based handshake.
internal/ipfsutil Package ipfsutil contains helpers around IPFS (logging, datastore, networking, core API, ...).
internal/testutil Package testutil contains testing helpers (logging, slow skipping).
internal/tinder Package tinder is a multi-driver service backed by a cache.
pkg/banner Package banner generates ASCII picture of the Berty logo with a message.
pkg/bertymessenger Package bertymessenger is a reverse proxy.
pkg/bertyprotocol Package bertyprotocol is a reverse proxy.
pkg/bertytypes This package is generated with Protobuf.
pkg/errcode Package errcode contains the list of Berty error codes.