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const (
	LinkWebPrefix       = ""
	LinkInternalPrefix  = "BERTY://"
	DefaultChecksumSize = 1 // 1-byte length by default (should have ~1/256 false-positive in case of invalid password)


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func EncryptLink(link *messengertypes.BertyLink, passphrase []byte) (*messengertypes.BertyLink, error)

    EncryptLink converts a clear BertyLink into an encrypted one.

    The encrypted link can be marshaled by UnmarshalLink if a passphrase is provided in the URL.

    func MarshalLink(link *messengertypes.BertyLink) (internal string, web string, err error)

      MarshalLink returns shareable web and internal URLs.

      The web URL is meant to: - be short, - have some parts that are human-readable, - to point to a sub-page of the website where some JS code will parse the human-readable part.

      The internal URL is meant to generate the most tiny QR codes. These QR codes can only be opened by a Berty app.

      Marshal will return an error if the provided link does not contain all the mandatory fields; it may also filter-out some sensitive data.

      func UnmarshalLink(uri string, key []byte) (*messengertypes.BertyLink, error)

        UnmarshalLink takes an URL generated by BertyLink.Marshal (or manually crafted), and returns a BertyLink object.


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