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type Bot

type Bot struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(opts ...NewOption) (*Bot, error)

    New initializes a new Bot. The order of the passed options may have an impact.

    func (*Bot) BertyIDURL

    func (b *Bot) BertyIDURL() string

      BertyIDURL returns the shareable Berty ID in the form of ``.

      func (*Bot) PublicKey

      func (b *Bot) PublicKey() string

        PublicKey returns the public key of the messenger node.

        func (*Bot) Start

        func (b *Bot) Start(ctx context.Context) error

          Start starts the main event loop and can be stopped by canceling the passed context.

          type CommandFn

          type CommandFn func(ctx Context)

          type Context

          type Context struct {
          	// common
          	HandlerType  HandlerType
          	EventPayload proto.Message `json:"-"` // content of the payload is already available in the parsed payloads
          	EventType    messengertypes.StreamEvent_Type
          	Context      context.Context
          	Client       messengertypes.MessengerServiceClient
          	Logger       *zap.Logger
          	IsReplay     bool // whether the event is a replayed or a fresh event
          	IsMine       bool // whether the bot is the author
          	IsAck        bool // whether the event is an ack
          	IsNew        bool // whether the event is new or an entity update
          	// parsed payloads, depending on the context
          	Contact        *messengertypes.Contact      `json:"Contact,omitempty"`
          	Conversation   *messengertypes.Conversation `json:"Conversation,omitempty"`
          	Interaction    *messengertypes.Interaction  `json:"Interaction,omitempty"`
          	Member         *messengertypes.Member       `json:"Member,omitempty"`
          	Account        *messengertypes.Account      `json:"Account,omitempty"`
          	Device         *messengertypes.Device       `json:"Device,omitempty"`
          	ConversationPK string                       `json:"ConversationPK,omitempty"`
          	UserMessage    string                       `json:"UserMessage,omitempty"`
          	CommandArgs    []string
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Context is the main argument passed to handlers.

            func (*Context) ReplyString

            func (ctx *Context) ReplyString(text string) error

              ReplyString sends a text message on the conversation related to the context. The conversation can be 1-1 or multi-member.

              type Handler

              type Handler func(ctx Context)

              type HandlerType

              type HandlerType uint
              const (
              	UnknownHandler HandlerType = iota

              type NewOption

              type NewOption func(*Bot) error

                NewOption can be passed to the `New` function to configure the bot.

                func WithCommand

                func WithCommand(name, description string, handler CommandFn) NewOption

                  WithCommand registers a new command that can be called with the '/' prefix. If name was already used, the preview command is replaced by the new one.

                  func WithDisplayName

                  func WithDisplayName(name string) NewOption

                    WithDisplayName sets the name of the bot, by default, the name will be named "My Berty Bot".

                    func WithEntityUpdates

                    func WithEntityUpdates() NewOption

                      WithEntityUpdates sets the bot to call handlers for new entity events and also for entity updates (acknowledges, etc).

                      func WithFromMyself

                      func WithFromMyself() NewOption

                        WithFromMyself sets the bot to call handlers for its own events.

                        func WithHandler

                        func WithHandler(typ HandlerType, handler Handler) NewOption

                          WithHandler append a new Handler for the specified HandlerType.

                          func WithInsecureMessengerGRPCAddr

                          func WithInsecureMessengerGRPCAddr(addr string) NewOption

                            WithInsecureMessengerGRPCAddr tries to open a new gRPC connection against the passed TCP address. It uses grpc.WithInsecure as dialer option and won't check any certificate.

                            func WithLogger

                            func WithLogger(logger *zap.Logger) NewOption

                              WithLogger passes a configured zap Logger.

                              func WithMessengerClient

                              func WithMessengerClient(client messengertypes.MessengerServiceClient) NewOption

                                WithMessengerClient passes an already initialized messenger client.

                                func WithMessengerGRPCConn

                                func WithMessengerGRPCConn(cc *grpc.ClientConn) NewOption

                                  WithMessengerGRPCConn configures a new Messenger client from an already initialized gRPC connection.

                                  func WithRecipe

                                  func WithRecipe(recipe Recipe) NewOption

                                    WithRecipe configures the passed recipe.

                                    func WithReplay

                                    func WithReplay() NewOption

                                      WithReplay will process replayed (old) events as if they just happened.

                                      type Recipe

                                      type Recipe map[HandlerType][]Handler

                                        Recipe is a set of handlers that performs common behaviors.

                                        func AutoAcceptIncomingContactRequestRecipe

                                        func AutoAcceptIncomingContactRequestRecipe() Recipe

                                          AutoAcceptIncomingContactRequestRecipe makes the bot "click" on the "accept" button automatically.

                                          func AutoAcceptIncomingGroupInviteRecipe

                                          func AutoAcceptIncomingGroupInviteRecipe() Recipe

                                            AutoAcceptIncomingContactRequestRecipe makes the bot "click" on the "accept" button automatically. NOT YET IMPLEMENTED.

                                            func DebugEventRecipe

                                            func DebugEventRecipe(logger *zap.Logger) Recipe

                                              DebugEventRecipe logs every event using zap.DebugLevel.

                                              func DelayResponseRecipe

                                              func DelayResponseRecipe(duration time.Duration) Recipe

                                                DelayResponseRecipe will wait for the specified duration before handling an event.

                                                func EchoRecipe

                                                func EchoRecipe(prefix string) Recipe

                                                  EchoRecipe configures the bot to automatically reply any message with the same message. If a prefix is specified, the bot will prefix its response. If a prefix is specified, the bot will ignore incoming messages with that prefix (i.e., a conversation with multiple echo bots). The bot will skip incoming commands (messages starting with a '/').

                                                  func SendErrorToClientRecipe

                                                  func SendErrorToClientRecipe() Recipe

                                                    SendErrorToClientRecipe will send internal errors to the related context (a contact or a conversation). NOT YET IMPLEMENTED.

                                                    func WelcomeMessageRecipe

                                                    func WelcomeMessageRecipe(text string) Recipe

                                                      WelcomeMessageRecipe automatically sends a text message to new contacts.