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Yolo - The Berty Project

Yolo is an over-the-air installation distributor for your mobile applications

Made by Berty Technologies discord github twitter go.dev reference GitHub release

Multi-platform over-the-air installation aggregator (a TestFlight alternative).


Mobile app development workflows should be as free as possible from corporate ecosystem constraints.


Yolo is one-stop realtime feed of ready-to-install releases and tests for your apps. We're using it at berty to make releases and test branches ready to download and use on a developer's device within minutes after passing our CI.

We created Yolo to implement the critical features missing from Apple's TestFlight.

Need TestFlight Yolo
Generate artifacts for one build for multiple platforms (e.g iOS, Android) Write manual custom scripts Default CI tool aggregator
Writing documentation Write instructions for each platform One universal doc
Accessing artifacts across platforms Use a separate tool per OS Single aggregated feed
Speedy certificate validation Run from scratch on eachpublication (~30 minutes) In-house certificate and signature (~1 minute)
Generate artifacts at any stage of deployment Stable releases only Deeply customizable: Merges to master, pending pull requests, specific tags... anything that passes the CI!

Getting started

Official Berty's instance

Nothing to install, using a browser, you can list and download the last builds of applications of the Berty ecosystem.

You just need to have credentials provided by the Berty team and go to https://yolo.berty.io.

Note that all the available credentials won't give you access to the same application set.

Call the official API

Using the same credentials you can make direct calls to the API, available here: https://yolo.berty.io/api/.

The API is described in protobuf-format here: https://github.com/berty/yolo/blob/master/api/yolopb.proto.

# last build for the berty app for iOS
curl -su :TOKEN "https://yolo.berty.io/api/build-list?project_id=https://github.com/berty/berty&artifact_kinds=1" | jq '.builds[0]'
  "id": "https://buildkite.com/berty/berty-open/builds/535",
  "created_at": "2020-04-29T15:06:33.796Z",
  "state": "Passed",
  "message": "feat: add multipeer connectivity Transport and add it in libp2p\n\nfeat: add multipeer connectivity for mobile devices\n\nfix: fix linux compilation failed\n\nchore: remove old references to BLE\n\nchore: remove xcode project directory\n\nchore: goimports passed\n\nfeat: pass functional logger to the mc transport\n\nchore: improve log message in the mc driver",
  "started_at": "2020-04-29T15:45:14Z",
  "finished_at": "2020-04-29T15:58:41Z",
  "branch": "D4ryl00:feat/multipeer-connectivity-integration",
  "driver": "Buildkite",
  "short_id": "535",
  "has_artifacts": [
      "id": "buildkite_524ced1e072c6bb74e3bf9556854b339",
      "created_at": "2020-04-29T15:06:33.796Z",
      "file_size": "38838861",
      "local_path": "Berty-Yolo-08a8bb0dee9935ab14e62648c6969cd5dfd9f517.ipa",
      "download_url": "https://api.buildkite.com/v2/organizations/berty/pipelines/berty-open/builds/535/jobs/323605e5-72fd-4495-8198-615a68672148/artifacts/16bab990-66ee-4ed5-a9d4-db69704bc0fd/download",
      "mime_type": "application/octet-stream",
      "state": "Finished",
      "kind": "IPA",
      "driver": "Buildkite",
      "has_build_id": "https://buildkite.com/berty/berty-open/builds/535",
      "dl_artifact_signed_url": "/api/artifact-dl/buildkite_524ced1e072c6bb74e3bf9556854b339?sign=REDACTED",
      "plist_signed_url": "%2Fapi%2Fplist-gen%2Fbuildkite_524ced1e072c6bb74e3bf9556854b339.plist%3Fsign%3DREDACTED"
  "has_commit_id": "08a8bb0dee9935ab14e62648c6969cd5dfd9f517",
  "has_project": {
    "id": "https://github.com/berty/berty",
    "created_at": "2018-07-16T05:21:19Z",
    "updated_at": "2020-04-29T13:13:05Z",
    "driver": "GitHub",
    "name": "berty",
    "description": "Berty is a secure peer-to-peer messaging app that works with or without internet access, cellular data or trust in the network",
    "has_owner": {
      "id": "https://github.com/berty",
      "name": "berty",
      "driver": "GitHub",
      "avatar_url": "https://avatars1.githubusercontent.com/u/22157871?v=4",
      "kind": "Organization"
    "has_owner_id": "https://github.com/berty"
  "has_project_id": "https://github.com/berty/berty",
  "has_mergerequest": {
    "id": "https://github.com/berty/berty/pull/1908",
    "created_at": "2020-04-23T08:19:28Z",
    "updated_at": "2020-04-30T09:54:59Z",
    "title": "WIP feat: add the multipeer connectivity transport",
    "message": "Add the multipeer connectivity transport of berty v1 to the master branch of berty\r\n* [x] add the transport + driver in an internal package\r\n* [ ] switch on/off that transport from the front",
    "driver": "GitHub",
    "branch": "D4ryl00:feat/multipeer-connectivity-integration",
    "state": "Opened",
    "commit_url": "https://github.com/berty/berty/commit/5face40d919f102d9d0f2b19061bae666f4b940a",
    "short_id": "1908",
    "has_project": {
      "id": "https://github.com/berty/berty",
      "created_at": "2018-07-16T05:21:19Z",
      "updated_at": "2020-04-29T13:13:05Z",
      "driver": "GitHub",
      "name": "berty",
      "description": "Berty is a secure peer-to-peer messaging app that works with or without internet access, cellular data or trust in the network",
      "has_owner_id": "https://github.com/berty"
    "has_project_id": "https://github.com/berty/berty",
    "has_author": {
      "id": "https://github.com/D4ryl00",
      "name": "D4ryl00",
      "driver": "GitHub",
      "avatar_url": "https://avatars3.githubusercontent.com/u/13605410?v=4",
      "kind": "User"
    "has_author_id": "https://github.com/D4ryl00",
    "has_commit_id": "08a8bb0dee9935ab14e62648c6969cd5dfd9f517"
  "has_mergerequest_id": "https://github.com/berty/berty/pull/1908"

Run your own instance of Yolo

You will need to get multiple CI tokens to allow Yolo to fetch your last builds.


go get -u berty.tech/yolo/v2/go/cmd/yolo

Or grab the last Docker image available on the official Docker Registry.

You can start from the official deployment configuration available in ./deployments/yolo.berty.io.

CLI usage

$ yolo -h
  server [flags] <subcommand>

  server        Start a Yolo Server

  -v false  increase log verbosity
$ yolo server -h

  -auth-salt ...             salt used to generate authentication tokens at the end of the URLs
  -basic-auth-password ...   if set, enables basic authentication
  -bintray-token ...         Bintray API Token
  -bintray-username ...      Bintray username
  -buildkite-token ...       BuildKite API Token
  -circleci-token ...        CircleCI API Token
  -cors-allowed-origins ...  CORS allowed origins (*.domain.tld)
  -db-path :temp:            DB Store path
  -dev-mode false            enable insecure helpers
  -github-token ...          GitHub API Token
  -grpc-bind :9000           gRPC bind address
  -http-bind :8000           HTTP bind address
  -max-builds 100            maximum builds to fetch from external services (pagination)
  -realm Yolo                authentication Realm
  -request-timeout 5s        request timeout
  -shutdown-timeout 6s       server shutdown timeout
  -with-cache false          enable API caching


(please use issues)





Other Resources
  • UI style and asset specifications on HackMD here
  • Sketch templates here


Contribute to Berty

🚧 This beta release is currently configured for our internal projects, but we welcome you to fork our repository to customize it for your own use.

If you want to help out, please see CONTRIBUTING.md.

This repository falls under the Berty Code of Conduct.

You can contact us on the #dev-💻 channel on discord.


Dual-licensed under Apache 2.0 and MIT terms.

See the COPYRIGHT file for more details.


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