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const (

DB Engine Enum

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var AtlasAppToolkitVersion string
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var ProtocGenGormVersion string


func CleanImports

func CleanImports(pFileText *string) *string

CleanImports removes extraneous imports and lines from a proto response file Content


type Field

type Field struct {
	ParentGoType string
	Type         string
	Package      string
	ParentOriginName string

func (*Field) String

func (f *Field) String() string

type OrmPlugin

type OrmPlugin struct {

	EmptyFiles []string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

OrmPlugin implements the plugin interface and creates GORM code from .protos

func (*OrmPlugin) CleanFiles

func (p *OrmPlugin) CleanFiles(response *plugin.CodeGeneratorResponse)

CleanFiles will prevent generation of any files where no real code is generated

func (*OrmPlugin) Generate

func (p *OrmPlugin) Generate(file *generator.FileDescriptor)

Generate produces the code generated by the plugin for this file, except for the imports, by calling the generator's methods P, In, and Out.

func (*OrmPlugin) GenerateImports

func (p *OrmPlugin) GenerateImports(file *generator.FileDescriptor)

GenerateImports writes out required imports for the generated files

func (*OrmPlugin) GetFileImports

func (p *OrmPlugin) GetFileImports() *fileImports

func (*OrmPlugin) Import

func (p *OrmPlugin) Import(packagePath string) string

Import takes a package and adds it to the list of packages to import It will generate a unique new alias using the last portion of the import path unless the package is already imported for this file. Either way, it returns the package alias

func (*OrmPlugin) Init

func (p *OrmPlugin) Init(g *generator.Generator)

Init is called once after data structures are built but before code generation begins.

func (*OrmPlugin) IsAbleToMakePQArray

func (p *OrmPlugin) IsAbleToMakePQArray(fieldType string) bool

IsAbleToMakePQArray tells us if the specific field-type can automatically be turned into a PQ array:

func (*OrmPlugin) Name

func (p *OrmPlugin) Name() string

Name identifies the plugin

func (*OrmPlugin) UsingGoImports

func (p *OrmPlugin) UsingGoImports(pkgNames ...string)

UsingGoImports should be used with basic packages like "time", or "context"

type OrmableType

type OrmableType struct {
	TableName   string
	OriginName  string
	Name        string
	Package     string
	File        *generator.FileDescriptor
	FieldNames  []string
	Fields      map[string]*Field
	Methods     map[string]*autogenMethod
	ForeignKeys [][]string

func NewOrmableType

func NewOrmableType(tablename, oname, pkg string, file *generator.FileDescriptor) *OrmableType

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