NOTE: This is alpha qualit software. It works but doesn't handle irregularies very well. It's core functionality is usable however. No guarantees are made about the command line API or how this software downloads, extracts, or manager Go toolchains in general. You have been warned.

A utility to help install and use different version of the Go programming language.


The general usage is to use goselect <version> where is the version of Go you want to use. If the version isn't downloaded it will be. After the toolchain is downloaded goselect builds itself as a "proxy" command meaining it will dispatch commands to the go, godoc, and gofmt commands respectively.

Along with using a particular version you can also use commands to list the versions and even remove previously downloaded toolchains.


The toolchains directory has been moved from $HOME/.gotoolchains to $HOME/.goselect/toolchains. Soon it will be used to keep track of the current toochains selected and allow for proxies to be used to the executables in the toolchains directories.


Licenced under the terms of the MIT license. View the LICENSE file for more information.

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