Package ccm implements a CCM, Counter with CBC-MAC as per RFC 3610.




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func MaxNonceLength

func MaxNonceLength(pdatalen int) int

MaxNonceLength returns the maximum nonce length for a given plaintext length. A return value <= 0 indicates that plaintext length is too large for any nonce length.


type CCM

type CCM interface {
	// MaxLength returns the maxium length of plaintext in calls to Seal.
	// The maximum length of ciphertext in calls to Open is MaxLength()+Overhead().
	// The maximum length is related to CCM's `L` parameter (15-noncesize) and
	// is 1<<(8*L) - 1 (but also limited by the maxium size of an int).
	MaxLength() int

CCM is a block cipher in Counter with CBC-MAC mode. Providing authenticated encryption with associated data via the cipher.AEAD interface.

func NewCCM

func NewCCM(b cipher.Block, tagsize, noncesize int) (CCM, error)

NewCCM returns the given 128-bit block cipher wrapped in CCM. The tagsize must be an even integer between 4 and 16 inclusive and is used as CCM's `M` parameter. The noncesize must be an integer between 7 and 13 inclusive, 15-noncesize is used as CCM's `L` parameter.

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