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Published: Feb 8, 2019 | License: MIT | Module:


Sherpadoc parses Go code and outputs sherpa documentation in JSON.

This documentation is provided to the sherpa HTTP handler to serve as documentation through the _docs function.


sherpadoc Awesome >awesome.json

Sherpadoc parses Go code, finds a struct named "Awesome", and gathers documentation:

Comments above the struct are used as section documentation. Fields in section structs must are treated as subsections, and can in turn contain subsections. These subsections and their methods are also exported and documented in the sherpa API. Add a struct tag "sherpa" to override the name of the subsection, for example `sherpa:"Another Awesome API"`.

Comments above method names are function documentation. A synopsis is automatically generated.

Types used as parameters or return values are added to the section documentation where they are used. The comments above the type are used, as well as the comments for each field in a struct. The documented field names know about the "json" struct field tags.

More eloborate example:

	-title 'Awesome API by mjl' \
	-replace 'time.Time string,*time.Time string, [] string' \
	path/to/awesome/code Awesome \

Most common Go code patterns for API functions have been implemented in sherpadoc, but you may run into missing support.

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