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var DefaultBinaryPaths = make(map[string]string)

    DefaultBinaryPaths defines the default paths for the various binaries


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    type CmdRunner

    type CmdRunner struct {
    	Dir     string
    	Command string
    	Args    []string
    	Log     xbus.Logger

      CmdRunner can run a command with args

      func NewCmdRunner

      func NewCmdRunner(log xbus.Logger, dir, command string, args ...string) CmdRunner

        NewCmdRunner initializes a CmdRunner

        func (CmdRunner) MustRun

        func (r CmdRunner) MustRun(args ...string)

          MustRun runs the command with args and panic if it fails

          func (CmdRunner) Run

          func (r CmdRunner) Run(args ...string) error

            Run runs the command with args

            func (CmdRunner) RunReadAndFindSubmatch

            func (r CmdRunner) RunReadAndFindSubmatch(re *regexp.Regexp, args ...string) ([][]string, error)

              RunReadAndFindSubmatch runs the command with args, then match each line with the given regex and return the submatches for each

              func (CmdRunner) RunReadLastLine

              func (r CmdRunner) RunReadLastLine(args ...string) (string, error)

                RunReadLastLine runs the command with args and returns the last line of the command combined output

                func (CmdRunner) RunReadOutput

                func (r CmdRunner) RunReadOutput(args ...string) ([]byte, error)

                  RunReadOutput returns the command output

                  type Consumer

                  type Consumer struct {
                  	Actor *xbus.Actor
                  	Envelopes []*api.Envelope
                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                    Consumer is an emitter actor for FullEnv

                    func NewConsumer

                    func NewConsumer(logger xbus.Logger) *Consumer

                      NewConsumer initializes a Consumer

                      func (*Consumer) Process

                      func (c *Consumer) Process(apc *xbus.ActorProcessingContext) error

                        Process is called by xbus when inputs are ready

                        func (*Consumer) Service

                        func (c *Consumer) Service(actor *xbus.Actor) xbus.ActorService

                          Service is a Actor factory

                          type CtlSettings

                          type CtlSettings struct {
                          	Name     string `yaml:"account-name"`
                          	Password string

                            CtlSettings hods options of a ctl

                            type Emitter

                            type Emitter struct {
                            	Actor *xbus.Actor
                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              Emitter is an emitter actor for FullEnv

                              func NewEmitter

                              func NewEmitter(logger xbus.Logger) *Emitter

                                NewEmitter initializes a Emitter

                                func (*Emitter) Service

                                func (e *Emitter) Service(actor *xbus.Actor) xbus.ActorService

                                  Service is a Actor factory

                                  func (*Emitter) Shutdown

                                  func (e *Emitter) Shutdown() error

                                    Shutdown ...

                                    func (*Emitter) Startup

                                    func (e *Emitter) Startup() error

                                      Startup ...

                                      type FileCopyOption

                                      type FileCopyOption struct {
                                      	Source string
                                      	Target string

                                        FileCopyOption holds options to copy files to the test env

                                        type FileOption

                                        type FileOption struct {
                                        	Copy *FileCopyOption

                                          FileOption holds options to setup files to the test env

                                          type FullEnv

                                          type FullEnv struct {
                                          	XbusCtl CmdRunner
                                          	Xbusd   CmdRunner
                                          	ExtraXbusCtl map[string]CmdRunner
                                          	Emitter  *Emitter
                                          	Consumer *Consumer
                                          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                            FullEnv pilots xbusd and clients

                                            func NewFullEnv

                                            func NewFullEnv(basename string, options Options) *FullEnv

                                              NewFullEnv initializes a FullEnv

                                              func NewFullEnvForTest

                                              func NewFullEnvForTest(t *testing.T, basename, configfile string) (*FullEnv, *testutils.TestLogger)

                                                NewFullEnvForTest returns a FullEnv that sends logs to a *testing.T

                                                func (*FullEnv) BinPath

                                                func (fe *FullEnv) BinPath(name string) string

                                                  BinPath returns the path of a binary.

                                                  func (*FullEnv) ClientConfig

                                                  func (fe *FullEnv) ClientConfig(name string) (string, error)

                                                    ClientConfig returns the configuration file of a client

                                                    func (*FullEnv) Close

                                                    func (fe *FullEnv) Close() error

                                                      Close stops everything, including the server

                                                      func (*FullEnv) CreateEnv

                                                      func (fe *FullEnv) CreateEnv() error

                                                        CreateEnv creates the test directories, configuration files, setup the XbusCtl and Xbusd command runners. It does not run any command (see Init)

                                                        func (*FullEnv) GetClient

                                                        func (fe *FullEnv) GetClient(name string) *xbus.Client

                                                          GetClient returns the xbus.Client instance corresponding to the inprocess client

                                                          func (*FullEnv) GetLogger

                                                          func (fe *FullEnv) GetLogger() xbus.Logger

                                                            GetLogger returns the environment logger

                                                            func (*FullEnv) Init

                                                            func (fe *FullEnv) Init() error

                                                              Init setup the server, the clients and load the pipelines Once done only the server is running

                                                              func (*FullEnv) RegisterActorService

                                                              func (fe *FullEnv) RegisterActorService(name string, init xbus.NewActorServiceFunc)

                                                                RegisterActorService registers an actor service for this env only Allow to inject actors that are controlled by the test

                                                                func (*FullEnv) SetCurrentTest

                                                                func (fe *FullEnv) SetCurrentTest(t *testing.T) func()

                                                                  SetCurrentTest changes the current test and logger. It returns a function that switch back to the original test and logger

                                                                  func (*FullEnv) SetupCtl

                                                                  func (fe *FullEnv) SetupCtl() (err error)

                                                                    SetupCtl runs the commands for setting up a operational XbusCtl

                                                                    func (*FullEnv) SetupDB

                                                                    func (fe *FullEnv) SetupDB() error

                                                                      SetupDB provides an empty database in the database.dsn xbusd setting

                                                                      func (*FullEnv) SetupFiles

                                                                      func (fe *FullEnv) SetupFiles() error

                                                                        SetupFiles copy all the files specified in the 'files' section

                                                                        func (*FullEnv) SetupInternalActors

                                                                        func (fe *FullEnv) SetupInternalActors()

                                                                          SetupInternalActors initializes the fullenv actors

                                                                          func (*FullEnv) SetupServer

                                                                          func (fe *FullEnv) SetupServer() error

                                                                            SetupServer runs the commands for setting up an operational xbusd

                                                                            func (*FullEnv) Shutdown

                                                                            func (fe *FullEnv) Shutdown() error

                                                                              Shutdown stops the programs

                                                                              func (*FullEnv) StartClient

                                                                              func (fe *FullEnv) StartClient(name string) error

                                                                                StartClient starts a client

                                                                                func (*FullEnv) StartXbusd

                                                                                func (fe *FullEnv) StartXbusd() error

                                                                                  StartXbusd starts the xbusd server

                                                                                  func (*FullEnv) Startup

                                                                                  func (fe *FullEnv) Startup() error

                                                                                    Startup starts the programs

                                                                                    func (*FullEnv) StopClient

                                                                                    func (fe *FullEnv) StopClient(name string) error

                                                                                      StopClient stops a client

                                                                                      func (*FullEnv) StopXbusd

                                                                                      func (fe *FullEnv) StopXbusd() error

                                                                                        StopXbusd stops the xbusd server

                                                                                        func (*FullEnv) WorkDir

                                                                                        func (fe *FullEnv) WorkDir() string

                                                                                          WorkDir returns the directory where all files are written

                                                                                          type Options

                                                                                          type Options struct {
                                                                                          	Xbusd     RawSettings
                                                                                          	Clients   []RawSettings
                                                                                          	Ctl       []CtlSettings
                                                                                          	HTTP      []RawSettings
                                                                                          	Graphs    map[string]RawSettings
                                                                                          	Pipelines map[string]RawSettings
                                                                                          	Dsn       string
                                                                                          	Vars map[string]string
                                                                                          	// If true, no attempt to prevent concurrent access is done.
                                                                                          	NoDBLock bool
                                                                                          	TargetDir string
                                                                                          	ConfigFilePath string
                                                                                          	Files          []FileOption
                                                                                          	BinaryPaths map[string]string
                                                                                          	Logger xbus.Logger

                                                                                            Options holds all the options necessary to setup a FullEnv

                                                                                            func OptionsFromFile

                                                                                            func OptionsFromFile(configfile string) (Options, error)

                                                                                              OptionsFromFile initialize a Options from a yaml configuration file

                                                                                              type ProgramSettings

                                                                                              type ProgramSettings struct {
                                                                                              	Autostart bool
                                                                                              	Priority  int

                                                                                                ProgramSettings defines how and when to start a program

                                                                                                type RawSettings

                                                                                                type RawSettings yaml.MapSlice

                                                                                                  RawSettings holds the raw configuration of a xbus program (xbus, xbus-client...)