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var LastUUID api.UUID

    LastUUID contains the last UUID returned by NewUUID()


    func NewUUID

    func NewUUID() api.UUID

      NewUUID returns a new UUID or panics


      type ExpectedError

      type ExpectedError struct {
      	MatchMessage MatchMessage
      	Name         string

        ExpectedError is the definition of an expected error

        func ExpectsContains

        func ExpectsContains(value string) ExpectedError

          ExpectsContains returns a ExpectedError matching a partial message

          func ExpectsEqual

          func ExpectsEqual(value string) ExpectedError

            ExpectsEqual returns a ExpectedError matching a message exactly

            type MatchMessage

            type MatchMessage func(string) bool

              MatchMessage is a function that match a log message

              type NatsTestServer

              type NatsTestServer struct {
              	ConnOptions nats.Options
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                NatsTestServer wraps a gnatsd server.Server

                func InitNatsTestServer

                func InitNatsTestServer(
                	t *testing.T, logger xbus.Logger,
                	accountStorage storage.AccountStorage,
                	passwordStorage storage.PasswordStorage,
                	actorStorage storage.ActorStorage,
                	sessionStorage storage.SessionStorage,
                	ServerCert *tls.Certificate,
                ) NatsTestServer

                  InitNatsTestServer returns a gnatsd test server

                  func (NatsTestServer) AuthToken

                  func (s NatsTestServer) AuthToken() string

                    AuthToken returns the auth token

                    func (NatsTestServer) Connect

                    func (s NatsTestServer) Connect(t *testing.T) *nats.Conn

                      Connect returns a new client connection to the server

                      func (NatsTestServer) IsReady

                      func (s NatsTestServer) IsReady() bool

                        IsReady returns true if the server is ready

                        func (NatsTestServer) Shutdown

                        func (s NatsTestServer) Shutdown()

                          Shutdown stops the server

                          type PortLock

                          type PortLock struct {
                          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                            PortLock is a locker which locks by binding to a port on the loopback IPv4 interface

                            func NewPortLock

                            func NewPortLock(port int) *PortLock

                              NewPortLock returns a lock for port

                              func (*PortLock) Lock

                              func (p *PortLock) Lock() error

                                Lock locks on port

                                func (*PortLock) TryLock

                                func (p *PortLock) TryLock() (bool, error)

                                  TryLock acquires the lock, non-blocking

                                  func (*PortLock) Unlock

                                  func (p *PortLock) Unlock() error

                                    Unlock unlocks the port lock

                                    type TestLogger

                                    type TestLogger struct {
                                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                      TestLogger is a BusLogger for tests

                                      func GetTestLogger

                                      func GetTestLogger(t testing.TB) *TestLogger

                                        GetTestLogger returns a new BusLogger for the passed testing.T

                                        func (TestLogger) Debugf

                                        func (m TestLogger) Debugf(format string, v ...interface{})

                                          Debugf passes the message to T.Logf

                                          func (*TestLogger) Errorf

                                          func (m *TestLogger) Errorf(format string, v ...interface{})

                                            Errorf passes the message to T.Errorf

                                            func (*TestLogger) ExpectsError

                                            func (m *TestLogger) ExpectsError(expectedError interface{})

                                              ExpectsError anticipate an error and make it non-fatal to the test

                                              func (TestLogger) Fatalf

                                              func (m TestLogger) Fatalf(format string, v ...interface{})

                                                Fatalf passes the message to T.Fatalf

                                                func (TestLogger) Noticef

                                                func (m TestLogger) Noticef(format string, v ...interface{})

                                                  Noticef passes the message to T.Logf

                                                  func (*TestLogger) SetTest

                                                  func (m *TestLogger) SetTest(t testing.TB) func()

                                                    SetTest changes the current test, and return a function to cancel the change

                                                    func (TestLogger) Tracef

                                                    func (m TestLogger) Tracef(format string, v ...interface{})

                                                      Tracef passes the message to T.Logf

                                                      func (TestLogger) VerifyExpectations

                                                      func (m TestLogger) VerifyExpectations()

                                                        VerifyExpectations enforce error expectations


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