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func ConvertError

func ConvertError(err error) error

ConvertError checks whether err is a gRPC error representing a common go error. If so, returns the go error, otherwise returns err.

func NewClientTLS

func NewClientTLS(crt []byte) credentials.TransportCredentials

NewClientTLS constructs TLS credentials from the input certificate for client. That is, crt is the contents of the *.crt file. Note that this will attempt to start with the system cert pool if possible.

func NewServerTLS

func NewServerTLS(crt []byte, key []byte) (credentials.TransportCredentials, error)

NewServerTLS constructs TLS credentials from the input certificate and key for server. That is, crt is the contents of the *.crt file, and key is the contents of the *.key file.


type Server

type Server interface {
	// Serve accepts incoming connections on the listener lis. Serve returns
	// when lis.Accept fails with fatal errors. lis will be closed on return.
	// Serve will return a non-nil error unless Stop or GracefulStop is called.
	Serve(lis net.Listener) error
	// Stop stops the server. It immediately closes all open connections and
	// listeners.
	// GracefulStop stops the server gracefully. It stops the server from
	// accepting new connections and blocks until all pending tasks are
	// finished.

Server is the interface that a gRPC server exposes to the public.

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