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const (
	// DS is the location of the permissions datastore
	DS = "core" + string(os.PathSeparator) + "permission.ds"

	// Read permission constant
	Read = "r"
	// Write permission constant
	Write = "w"

	// InvalidID consant for an invalid permission id
	InvalidID = ""


This section is empty.


func Delete

func Delete(ptr Permitter) error

    Delete removes the permissions

    func Move

    func Move(from, to Permitter) error

      Move moves the permissions from one resource to another

      func Set

      func Set(ptr Permitter, permissions *Permission) error

        Set sets the passed in permissions for the passed in permitter

        func Valid

        func Valid(permission string) bool

          Valid is tests if the permissions string contains valid permissions


          type Permission

          type Permission struct {
          	Owner   string `json:"owner,omitempty"`
          	Public  string `json:"public,omitempty"`
          	Friend  string `json:"friend,omitempty"`
          	Private string `json:"private,omitempty"`
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Permission controls access to a resource in freehold

            func AppAvailable

            func AppAvailable() *Permission

              admin only

              func AppNewDefault

              func AppNewDefault(owner string) *Permission

                Default permissions for new application files

                func Application

                func Application() *Permission

                  admins can install / write authenticated users can view installed apps

                  func Backup

                  func Backup() *Permission

                  func DatastoreDir

                  func DatastoreDir() *Permission

                  func DatastoreDownload

                  func DatastoreDownload(base *Permission) *Permission

                  func DatastoreDrop

                  func DatastoreDrop(base *Permission) *Permission

                  func DatastoreNew

                  func DatastoreNew() *Permission

                  func DatastoreNewDefault

                  func DatastoreNewDefault(owner string) *Permission

                  func Doc

                  func Doc() *Permission

                    Doc is open to public

                    func FileNewDefault

                    func FileNewDefault(owner string) *Permission

                      Default file permissions for new files

                      func FileRoot

                      func FileRoot() *Permission

                        FileRoot returns the permissions for the root file directory. Only admins can create / delete folders at the root

                        func Get

                        func Get(ptr Permitter) (*Permission, error)

                          Get the permissions by ID what the ID is will depend on the resource

                          func Log

                          func Log() *Permission

                          func Properties

                          func Properties(base *Permission) *Permission

                            Only owners can update properties. Public can't view any properties authenticated users who have read rights can read properties

                            func Session

                            func Session() *Permission

                              Only authenticated users (and not partially authenticated tokens) can write a new sesion or view an existing one

                              func Settings

                              func Settings() *Permission

                              func Token

                              func Token(owner string) *Permission

                              func User

                              func User(owner string) *Permission

                              func UserMakeAdmin

                              func UserMakeAdmin() *Permission

                              func UserRemoveAdmin

                              func UserRemoveAdmin(owner string) *Permission

                              func (*Permission) CanRead

                              func (p *Permission) CanRead(u *user.User) bool

                                CanRead tests if the passed in user can read based on the current permissions

                                func (*Permission) CanWrite

                                func (p *Permission) CanWrite(u *user.User) bool

                                  CanWrite tests if the passed in user can write based on the current permissions

                                  type Permitter

                                  type Permitter interface {
                                  	ID() string
                                  	Permission() (*Permission, error)

                                    Permitter is the interface of methods requried to assign permissions