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Published: Oct 2, 2018 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module:


Package build defines build target and build context structures


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var (
	HostPlatform    = label.Label("@bldy//platforms:host")
	DefaultPlatform = HostPlatform

type Rule

type Rule interface {
	Name() string
	Dependencies() []label.Label
	Outputs() []string
	Hash() []byte
	Build(*executor.Executor) error
	Platform() label.Label
	Workspace() workspace.Workspace

Rule defines the interface that rules must implement for becoming build targets.

type Status

type Status int

go:generate stringer -type=Status Status represents a nodes status.

const (
	// Success is success
	Success Status = iota
	// Fail is a failed job
	// Pending is a pending job
	// Started is a started job
	// Fatal is a fatal crash
	// Warning is a job that has warnings
	// Building is a job that's being built

func (Status) String

func (i Status) String() string

type VM

type VM interface {
	GetTarget(label.Label) (Rule, error)

VM seperate the parsing and evauluating targets logic from rest of bldy so we can implement and use new grammars like jsonnet or go it self.

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