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const (
	Data   configuration = "data"
	Host   configuration = "host"
	Target configuration = "target"


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func New

func New(ws workspace.Workspace) (build.VM, error)

    New returns a new skylarkVM

    func NewBldyDict

    func NewBldyDict() bldyDict

      NewBldyDict returns a new skylark.StringDict that can be used as a skylark.Value

      func WalkDict

      func WalkDict(x *skylark.Dict, wf WalkAttrFunc) error

        WalkAttrs traverses attributes


        type Attribute

        type Attribute interface {
        	GetDefault() skylark.Value
        	HasDefault() bool

          Attribute is representation of a definition of an attribute. Use the attr module to create an Attribute. They are only for use with a rule or an aspect.

          type BldyFunc

          type BldyFunc func(thread *skylark.Thread, args skylark.Tuple, kwargs []skylark.Tuple) (skylark.Value, error)

            BldyFunc represents a callable SkylarkFunc that will run by bldy

            type CanAllowEmpty

            type CanAllowEmpty interface {
            	AllowsEmpty() bool
            	Empty() skylark.Value

            type Converts

            type Converts interface {
            	Convert(skylark.Value) (skylark.Value, error)

            type Rule

            type Rule struct {
            	SkyFuncLabel string
            	Args      skylark.Tuple
            	KWArgs    []skylark.Tuple
            	SkyFunc   *skylark.Function
            	FuncAttrs *skylark.Dict
            	Attrs     *skylark.Dict
            	Actions []executor.Action
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              Rule is a bazel rule that is implemented in skylark

              func (*Rule) Build

              func (r *Rule) Build(e *executor.Executor) error

                Build builds the skylarkRule

                func (*Rule) Dependencies

                func (r *Rule) Dependencies() []label.Label

                  GetDependencies returns the dependencies of the SkylarkRule

                  func (*Rule) Hash

                  func (r *Rule) Hash() []byte

                    Hash returns the calculated hash of a target

                    func (*Rule) Name

                    func (r *Rule) Name() string

                      GetName returns the name of the SkylarkRule

                      func (*Rule) Outputs

                      func (r *Rule) Outputs() []string

                        Installs returns what will be outputed from the execution of the rule

                        func (*Rule) Platform

                        func (r *Rule) Platform() label.Label

                        func (*Rule) Workspace

                        func (r *Rule) Workspace() workspace.Workspace

                        type WalkAttrFunc

                        type WalkAttrFunc func(skylark.Value, Attribute) error


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