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Package trace extends nettrace with logging.



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type Trace

type Trace struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Trace represents an active request.

func New

func New(family, title string) *Trace

New trace.

func (*Trace) Debugf

func (t *Trace) Debugf(format string, a ...interface{})

Debugf adds this message to the trace's log, with a debugging level.

func (*Trace) Error

func (t *Trace) Error(err error) error

Error marks the trace as having seen an error, and also logs it to the trace's log.

func (*Trace) Errorf

func (t *Trace) Errorf(format string, a ...interface{}) error

Errorf adds this message to the trace's log, with an error level.

func (*Trace) Finish

func (t *Trace) Finish()

Finish the trace. It should not be changed after this is called.

func (*Trace) NewChild

func (t *Trace) NewChild(family, title string) *Trace

NewChild creates a new child trace.

func (*Trace) Printf

func (t *Trace) Printf(format string, a ...interface{})

Printf adds this message to the trace's log.

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