Path Synopsis
aliases Package aliases implements an email aliases resolver.
auth Package auth implements authentication services for chasquid.
config Package config implements the chasquid configuration.
courier Package courier implements various couriers for delivering messages.
domaininfo Package domaininfo implements a domain information database, to keep track of things we know about a particular domain.
dovecot Package dovecot implements functions to interact with Dovecot's authentication service.
envelope Package envelope implements functions related to handling email envelopes (basically tuples of (from, to, data).
expvarom Package expvarom implements an OpenMetrics HTTP exporter for the variables from the expvar package.
maillog Package maillog implements a log specifically for email.
normalize Package normalize contains functions to normalize usernames, domains and addresses.
protoio Package protoio contains I/O functions for protocol buffers.
queue Package queue implements our email queue.
safeio Package safeio implements convenient I/O routines that provide additional levels of safety in the presence of unexpected failures.
set Package set implement sets for various types.
smtp Package smtp implements the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol as defined in RFC 5321.
smtpsrv Package smtpsrv implements chasquid's SMTP server and connection handler.
sts Package sts implements the MTA-STS (Strict Transport Security), RFC 8461.
testlib Package testlib provides common test utilities.
tlsconst Package tlsconst contains TLS constants for human consumption.
trace Package trace extends
userdb Package userdb implements a simple user database.