Package model describes an internal architecture of application.

Two main data types of service are User and AdItem - they represents content of the service. Clients operates with this two data types through the server, that's core idea of the service.

Internal architecture of API

This package contains several data types and interfaces that are used by other packages. API uses Model struct to access database and session manager not directly but through setted interface. It helps to make application with different technologies used in session manager and database without changing api package.

So, both db and sessionmanager packages must contain structure that implements interfaces from this package.

Data types

User - a human that can sign up, sign in, logout, create ads and etc. Characteristics:

id	                  unique identificator of user in database
first name            first name of user
last name	            last name of user
email                 email of user that must be unique
password              password of user that stored in database in hashed state
telephone number      telephone number of user
about                 some additional information about user

Ad - main content of application Characteristics:

id                    unique identificator of ad in database
title                 title of ad
price                 price of ad
country               country where ad is situated
city                  city where ad is situated
subway station        station where ad is situated
images                images of ad
owner                 user which created this ad
description           additional information about this ad
creation time         time when this ad was created



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type AdItem

type AdItem struct {
	ID            int64       `db:"idad" json:"id" schema:"id,optional" valid:"-"`
	Title         string      `db:"title" json:"title" schema:"title,optional" valid:",optional"` // required in DB
	Price         zero.Int    `db:"price" json:"price,omitempty" schema:"price,optional" valid:"-"`
	Country       zero.String `db:"country" json:"country,omitempty" schema:"country,optional" valid:"-"`                      // consists of printable ASCII
	City          string      `db:"city" json:"city,omitempty" schema:"city,optional" valid:",optional"`                       // required in DB
	SubwayStation zero.String `db:"subway_station" json:"subway_station,omitempty" schema:"subway_station,optional" valid:"-"` // consists of printable ASCII
	AdImages      []string    `db:"-" json:"ad_images," schema:"ad_images,optional" valid:"-"`
	AdImagesStr   zero.String `db:"ad_images" json:"-" schema:"-" valid:"-"` // for database
	UserID        int64       `db:"owner_ad" json:"-" schema:"-" valid:"-"`  // for database
	User          `json:"owner_ad" schema:"-" valid:"-"`
	Description   string    `db:"description_ad" json:"description_ad" schema:"description_ad,optional" valid:",optional"` // requiered in DB
	CreationTime  time.Time `db:"creation_time" json:"creation_time" schema:"-" valid:"-"`

    AdItem struct describes ad which users are supposed to create, watch and etc.

    type DB

    type DB interface {
    	GetAd(adID int64) (*AdItem, error)
    	GetAds(sp *SearchParams) ([]*AdItem, error)
    	GetAdsOfUser(userID int64) ([]*AdItem, error)
    	GetUserWithID(userID int64) (*User, error)
    	GetUserWithEmail(email string) (*User, error)
    	NewUser(user *User) (int64, error)
    	NewAd(ad *AdItem) (int64, error)
    	EditUser(user *User) (int64, error)
    	EditAd(ad *AdItem) (int64, error)
    	RemoveUser(userID int64) (int64, error)
    	RemoveAd(adID int64) (int64, error)

      DB describes interface of database needed by API to communicate with it

      type IM

      type IM interface {
      	IsExist(key string) bool
      	UploadImage(key string, body io.Reader) (string, error)
      	DeleteImage(key string) error
      	DownloadImage(key string) error

        IM interface describes interface for interaction with amazon s3

        type Model

        type Model struct {

          Model is a struct that contains DB, IM and SM interfaces. Such project model allows to use different database and session manager implementation without changing business-logic. Model is used by API handlers.

          func New

          func New(db DB, sm SM, im IM) *Model

            New creates Model structure from object that implements DB and SM interfaces.

            type SM

            type SM interface {
            	CreateSession(in *Session, expires bool) (*SessionID, error)
            	CheckSession(in *SessionID) (*Session, error)
            	DeleteSession(in *SessionID) error
            	TryReconnect() error
            	IsConnected() bool

              SM describes interface of session manager.

              type SearchParams

              type SearchParams struct {
              	Query  string `db:"query" schema:"query,optional"`
              	Limit  int    `db:"limit" schema:"limit,optional"`
              	Offset int    `db:"offset" schema:"offset,optional"`

                SearchParams is a struct that has information about filtering ads for client.

                type Session

                type Session struct {
                	ID        int64
                	Login     string
                	UserAgent string

                  Session is object which represents session data

                  type SessionID

                  type SessionID struct {
                  	ID string

                    SessionID is used as identificator of user's session

                    type User

                    type User struct {
                    	ID            int64       `db:"id" json:"id" schema:"id,optional" valid:"-"`
                    	FirstName     string      `db:"first_name" json:"first_name" schema:"first_name,optional" valid:"utfletter,optional"` // required in DB
                    	LastName      string      `db:"last_name" json:"last_name" schema:"last_name,optional" valid:"utfletter,optional"`    // required in DB
                    	Email         string      `db:"email" json:"email" schema:"email,optional" valid:"email,optional"`                    // required in DB
                    	Password      string      `db:"password_hash" json:"-" schema:"password,optional" valid:"printableascii,optional"`    // required in DB
                    	TelNumber     zero.String `db:"telephone" json:"tel_number,omitempty" schema:"tel_number,optional" valid:"-"`         // consists of digits 1-9
                    	About         zero.String `db:"about" json:"about,omitempty" schema:"about,optional" valid:"-"`                       // consists of ASCII
                    	AvatarAddress zero.String `db:"avatar_address" json:"avatar_address,omitempty" schema:"avatar_address,optional" valid:"-"`
                    	RegTime       time.Time   `db:"reg_time" json:"reg_time" schema:"-" valid:"-"`

                      User struct describes user of service