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const (
	GCP = "GCP"
	AWS = "AWS"


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var DefaultPath = "./sshrimp.toml"

    DefaultPath of the sshrimp config file

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    var EnvVarName = "SSHRIMP_CONFIG"

      EnvVarName is the optional environment variable that if set overrides DefaultPath


      func GetPath

      func GetPath() string

        GetPath returns the default sshrimp config file path taking into account EnvVarName

        func Wizard

        func Wizard(configPath string, config *SSHrimp) (string, error)

          Wizard launches a interactive question/answer terminal prompt to create a config file


          type Agent

          type Agent struct {
          	ProviderURL    string
          	ClientID       string
          	ClientSecret   string
          	BrowserCommand []string
          	Socket         string

            Agent config for the sshrimp-agent agent

            type CertificateAuthority

            type CertificateAuthority struct {
            	CloudProvider      string
            	Project            string
            	AccountID          int
            	Regions            []string
            	FunctionName       string
            	KeyAlias           string
            	ForceCommandRegex  string
            	SourceAddressRegex string
            	UsernameRegex      string
            	UsernameClaim      string
            	ValidAfterOffset   string
            	ValidBeforeOffset  string
            	Extensions         []string

              CertificateAuthority config for the sshrimp-ca lambda

              type SSHrimp

              type SSHrimp struct {
              	Agent                Agent
              	CertificateAuthority CertificateAuthority

                SSHrimp main configuration struct for sshrimp-agent and sshrimp-ca

                func NewSSHrimp

                func NewSSHrimp() *SSHrimp

                  NewSSHrimp returns SSHrimp

                  func NewSSHrimpWithDefaults

                  func NewSSHrimpWithDefaults() *SSHrimp

                    NewSSHrimpWithDefaults returns SSHrimp with defaults already set

                    func (*SSHrimp) Read

                    func (c *SSHrimp) Read(configPath string) error

                    func (*SSHrimp) Write

                    func (c *SSHrimp) Write(configPath string) error

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