Package sebak is the node of blockchain, which implements "ISAAC" Consensus Protocol at first time. ISAAC is based on the FBA consensus protocol, but is totally different from SCP(Stellar Cosensus Protocol).

sebak is the old term of "SaeByeog" in Korean, which means dawn.

Struct that bridges together components of a node

NodeRunner bridges together the connection, storage and `LocalNode`. In this regard, it can be seen as a single node, and is used as such in unit tests.



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const (
	NodeInfoHandlerPattern  string = "/"
	ConnectHandlerPattern   string = "/connect"
	DiscoveryHandlerPattern string = "/discovery"
	MessageHandlerPattern   string = "/message"
	BallotHandlerPattern    string = "/ballot"
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const GetBallotPattern = "/ballots"
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const GetBlocksPattern = "/blocks"
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const GetTransactionPattern string = "/transactions"
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const MaxLimitListOptions uint64 = 10000
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const MaxSnapshots uint64 = 500


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var DebugPProf bool = false
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var NewBallotTransactionCheckerFuncs = []common.CheckerFunc{


func ACCEPTBallotBroadcast

func ACCEPTBallotBroadcast(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

    ACCEPTBallotBroadcast will broadcast the confirmed ACCEPT ballot.

    func BallotAlreadyVoted

    func BallotAlreadyVoted(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

      BallotAlreadyVoted checks the node of ballot voted.

      func BallotCheckBasis

      func BallotCheckBasis(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

        BallotCheckBasis checks the incoming ballot in valid round.

        func BallotCheckResult

        func BallotCheckResult(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

          BallotCheckResult checks the voting result.

          func BallotCheckSYNC

          func BallotCheckSYNC(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) error

            BallotCheckSYNC performs sync by considering sync condition. And to participate in the consensus, update the latestblock by referring to the database.

            func BallotGetMissingTransaction

            func BallotGetMissingTransaction(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

            func BallotIsSameProposer

            func BallotIsSameProposer(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

              BallotIsSameProposer checks the incoming ballot has the same proposer with the current `RunningRound`.

              func BallotNotFromKnownValidators

              func BallotNotFromKnownValidators(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                BallotNotFromKnownValidators checks the incoming ballot is from the known validators.

                func BallotRenewal

                func BallotRenewal(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                  BallotRenewal checks that the ballot confirmed and proposed time is valid and if the time is invalid, then it broadcasts expired ballot

                  func BallotTransactionsAllValid

                  func BallotTransactionsAllValid(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                    BallotTransactionsAllValid checks all the transactions are valid or not.

                    func BallotTransactionsOperationBodyCollectTxFee

                    func BallotTransactionsOperationBodyCollectTxFee(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                      BallotTransactionsOperationBodyCollectTxFee validates the `BallotTransactionsOperationBodyCollectTxFee.Amount` is matched with the collected fee of all transactions.

                      func BallotTransactionsOperationLimit

                      func BallotTransactionsOperationLimit(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) error

                        BallotTransactionsOperationLimit checks the total number of operations is over `OpsInBallotLimit`.

                        func BallotTransactionsSameSource

                        func BallotTransactionsSameSource(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                          BallotTransactionsSameSource checks there are transactions which has same source in the `Transactions`.

                          func BallotUnmarshal

                          func BallotUnmarshal(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                            BallotUnmarshal makes `Ballot` from common.NetworkMessage.

                            func BallotValidateOperationBodyCollectTxFee

                            func BallotValidateOperationBodyCollectTxFee(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                              BallotValidateOperationBodyCollectTxFee validates `CollectTxFee`.

                              func BallotValidateOperationBodyInflation

                              func BallotValidateOperationBodyInflation(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                BallotValidateOperationBodyInflation validates `Inflation`

                                func BallotVote

                                func BallotVote(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                  BallotVote vote by incoming ballot; if the ballot is new and the round of ballot is not yet registered, this will make new `RunningRound`.

                                  func BroadcastTransaction

                                  func BroadcastTransaction(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                    BroadcastTransaction broadcasts the incoming transaction to the other nodes.

                                    func BroadcastTransactionFromWatcher

                                    func BroadcastTransactionFromWatcher(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) error

                                      BroadcastTransactionFromWatcher is sending tx to one of validators. If all validators returns error, it returns error.

                                      func CheckMissingTransaction

                                      func CheckMissingTransaction(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                        CheckMissingTransaction will get the missing tranactions, that is, not in `Pool` from proposer.

                                        func ExpiredInSIGN

                                        func ExpiredInSIGN(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                        func FinishProposerTransaction

                                        func FinishProposerTransaction(st *storage.LevelDBBackend, blk block.Block, ptx ballot.ProposerTransaction, log logging.Logger) (err error)

                                        func FinishTransactions

                                        func FinishTransactions(blk block.Block, transactions []*transaction.Transaction, st *storage.LevelDBBackend) (err error)

                                        func FinishedBallotStore

                                        func FinishedBallotStore(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) error

                                          FinishedBallotStore will store the confirmed ballot to `Block`.

                                          func GenerateBallot

                                          func GenerateBallot(proposer *node.LocalNode, basis voting.Basis, tx transaction.Transaction, ballotState ballot.State, sender *node.LocalNode, conf common.Config) *ballot.Ballot

                                          func GenerateEmptyTxBallot

                                          func GenerateEmptyTxBallot(proposer *node.LocalNode, basis voting.Basis, ballotState ballot.State, sender *node.LocalNode, conf common.Config) *ballot.Ballot

                                          func GetCommonAccount

                                          func GetCommonAccount(st *storage.LevelDBBackend) (account *block.BlockAccount, err error)

                                          func GetCreateAccountTransaction

                                          func GetCreateAccountTransaction(sequenceID uint64, amount uint64) (transaction.Transaction, []byte, *keypair.Full)

                                          func GetGenesisAccount

                                          func GetGenesisAccount(st *storage.LevelDBBackend) (account *block.BlockAccount, err error)

                                          func GetGenesisBalance

                                          func GetGenesisBalance(st *storage.LevelDBBackend) (balance common.Amount, err error)

                                          func GetGenesisTransaction

                                          func GetGenesisTransaction(st *storage.LevelDBBackend) (bt block.BlockTransaction, err error)

                                          func GetPaymentTransaction

                                          func GetPaymentTransaction(kpSource *keypair.Full, target string, sequenceID uint64, amount uint64) (transaction.Transaction, []byte)

                                          func GetTransaction

                                          func GetTransaction() (transaction.Transaction, []byte)

                                          func HasTransaction

                                          func HasTransaction(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                            HasTransaction checks transaction is in `Pool` And `Block`

                                            func INITBallotValidateTransactions

                                            func INITBallotValidateTransactions(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                              INITBallotValidateTransactions validates the transactions of newly added ballot.

                                              func IsNew

                                              func IsNew(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                                IsNew checks the incoming transaction is already stored or not.

                                                func MakeConsensusAndBlock

                                                func MakeConsensusAndBlock(t *testing.T, tx transaction.Transaction, nr *NodeRunner, nodes []*node.LocalNode, proposer *node.LocalNode) (block.Block, error)

                                                func MessageHasSameSource

                                                func MessageHasSameSource(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                                  SameSource checks there are transactions which has same source in the `Pool`.

                                                  func MessageValidate

                                                  func MessageValidate(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                                    MessageValidate validates.

                                                    func NewNodeInfo

                                                    func NewNodeInfo(nr *NodeRunner) node.NodeInfo

                                                    func NodeInfoWithRequest

                                                    func NodeInfoWithRequest(localNode *node.LocalNode, r *http.Request) (b []byte, err error)

                                                    func ProcessProposerTransaction

                                                    func ProcessProposerTransaction(st *storage.LevelDBBackend, blk block.Block, ptx ballot.ProposerTransaction, log logging.Logger) (err error)

                                                    func PushIntoTransactionPool

                                                    func PushIntoTransactionPool(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) error

                                                      PushIntoTransactionPool add the incoming transactions into `Pool`.

                                                      func PushIntoTransactionPoolFromClient

                                                      func PushIntoTransactionPoolFromClient(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) error

                                                        PushIntoTransactionPoolFromClient add the incoming tx from client

                                                        func PushIntoTransactionPoolFromNode

                                                        func PushIntoTransactionPoolFromNode(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) error

                                                          PushIntoTransactionPoolFromNode add the incoming tx from node

                                                          func ReceiveBallot

                                                          func ReceiveBallot(nodeRunner *NodeRunner, ballot *ballot.Ballot) error

                                                          func SIGNBallotBroadcast

                                                          func SIGNBallotBroadcast(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                                            SIGNBallotBroadcast will broadcast the validated SIGN ballot.

                                                            func SetLogging

                                                            func SetLogging(level logging.Lvl, handler logging.Handler)

                                                            func TransactionUnmarshal

                                                            func TransactionUnmarshal(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                                              TransactionUnmarshal makes `Transaction` from incoming `common.NetworkMessage`.

                                                              func TransitStateToACCEPT

                                                              func TransitStateToACCEPT(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                                                TransitStateToACCEPT changes ISAACState to ACCEPT

                                                                func TransitStateToSIGN

                                                                func TransitStateToSIGN(c common.Checker, args ...interface{}) (err error)

                                                                  TransitStateToSIGN changes ISAACState to SIGN

                                                                  func ValidateOp

                                                                  func ValidateOp(st *storage.LevelDBBackend, config common.Config, source *block.BlockAccount, op operation.Operation) (err error)

                                                                    Validate an operation

                                                                    This function is critical for consensus, as it defines the validation rules for an operation, and by extension a transaction. It is called from ValidateTx.


                                                                    st = Storage backend to use (e.g. to access the blocks)
                                                                         Only ever read from, never written to.
                                                                    config = consist of configuration of the network. common address, congress address, etc.
                                                                    source = Account from where the transaction (and ops) come from
                                                                    tx = Transaction to check

                                                                    func ValidateTx

                                                                    func ValidateTx(st *storage.LevelDBBackend, config common.Config, tx transaction.Transaction) (err error)

                                                                      Validate the entirety of a transaction

                                                                      This function is critical for consensus, as it defines the validation rules for a transaction. It is executed whenever a transaction is received.

                                                                      As it is run on every single transaction, it should be as fast as possible, thus any new code should carefully consider when it takes place. Consider putting cheap, frequent errors first.

                                                                      Note that if we get to this function, it means the transaction is known to be well-formed (e.g. the signature is legit).


                                                                      st = Storage backend to use (e.g. to access the blocks)
                                                                           Only ever read from, never written to.
                                                                      config = consist of configuration of the network. common address, congress address, etc.
                                                                      tx = Transaction to check


                                                                      type BallotChecker

                                                                      type BallotChecker struct {
                                                                      	NodeRunner         *NodeRunner
                                                                      	Conf               common.Config
                                                                      	LocalNode          *node.LocalNode
                                                                      	Message            common.NetworkMessage
                                                                      	IsNew              bool
                                                                      	IsMine             bool
                                                                      	Ballot             ballot.Ballot
                                                                      	VotingHole         voting.Hole
                                                                      	Result             consensus.RoundVoteResult
                                                                      	VotingFinished     bool
                                                                      	FinishedVotingHole voting.Hole
                                                                      	LatestBlockSources []string
                                                                      	Log logging.Logger

                                                                      type BallotTransactionChecker

                                                                      type BallotTransactionChecker struct {
                                                                      	NodeRunner *NodeRunner
                                                                      	Conf       common.Config
                                                                      	LocalNode  node.Node
                                                                      	NetworkID  []byte
                                                                      	Ballot            ballot.Ballot
                                                                      	Transactions      []string
                                                                      	VotingHole        voting.Hole
                                                                      	ValidTransactions []string
                                                                      	CheckTransactionsOnly bool
                                                                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                      type CheckerStopCloseConsensus

                                                                      type CheckerStopCloseConsensus struct {
                                                                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                      func NewCheckerStopCloseConsensus

                                                                      func NewCheckerStopCloseConsensus(checker *BallotChecker, message string) CheckerStopCloseConsensus

                                                                      func (CheckerStopCloseConsensus) Checker

                                                                      func (CheckerStopCloseConsensus) Error

                                                                      type DBEchoArgs

                                                                      type DBEchoArgs string

                                                                      type DBEchoResult

                                                                      type DBEchoResult string

                                                                      type DBGetArgs

                                                                      type DBGetArgs struct {
                                                                      	Snapshot string `json:"snapshot"`
                                                                      	Key      string `json:"key"`

                                                                      type DBGetIteratorArgs

                                                                      type DBGetIteratorArgs struct {
                                                                      	Snapshot string             `json:"snapshot"`
                                                                      	Prefix   string             `json:"prefix"`
                                                                      	Options  GetIteratorOptions `json:"options"`

                                                                      type DBGetIteratorResult

                                                                      type DBGetIteratorResult struct {
                                                                      	Limit uint64             `json:"limit"`
                                                                      	Items []storage.IterItem `json:"items"`

                                                                      type DBGetResult

                                                                      type DBGetResult storage.IterItem

                                                                      type DBHasArgs

                                                                      type DBHasArgs struct {
                                                                      	Snapshot string `json:"snapshot"`
                                                                      	Key      string `json:"key"`

                                                                      type DBHasResult

                                                                      type DBHasResult bool

                                                                      type DBOpenSnapshot

                                                                      type DBOpenSnapshot struct{}

                                                                      type DBOpenSnapshotResult

                                                                      type DBOpenSnapshotResult struct {
                                                                      	Snapshot string `json:"snapshot"`

                                                                      type DBReleaseSnapshot

                                                                      type DBReleaseSnapshot struct {
                                                                      	Snapshot string `json:"snapshot"`

                                                                      type DBReleaseSnapshotResult

                                                                      type DBReleaseSnapshotResult bool

                                                                      type FixedSelector

                                                                      type FixedSelector struct {
                                                                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                      func (FixedSelector) Select

                                                                      func (s FixedSelector) Select(_ uint64, _ uint64) string

                                                                      type GetBlocksOptions

                                                                      type GetBlocksOptions struct {
                                                                      	HeightRange [2]uint64
                                                                      	Hashes      []string
                                                                      	Mode        GetBlocksOptionsMode

                                                                      func NewGetBlocksOptionsFromRequest

                                                                      func NewGetBlocksOptionsFromRequest(r *http.Request) (options *GetBlocksOptions, err error)

                                                                      func (GetBlocksOptions) Height

                                                                      func (g GetBlocksOptions) Height() uint64

                                                                      func (*GetBlocksOptions) SetHashes

                                                                      func (g *GetBlocksOptions) SetHashes(h []string) *GetBlocksOptions

                                                                      func (*GetBlocksOptions) SetHeightRange

                                                                      func (g *GetBlocksOptions) SetHeightRange(h [2]uint64) *GetBlocksOptions

                                                                      func (*GetBlocksOptions) SetMode

                                                                      func (GetBlocksOptions) Template

                                                                      func (g GetBlocksOptions) Template() string

                                                                      func (GetBlocksOptions) URLValues

                                                                      func (g GetBlocksOptions) URLValues() url.Values

                                                                      type GetBlocksOptionsMode

                                                                      type GetBlocksOptionsMode string
                                                                      const (
                                                                      	GetBlocksOptionsModeHeader GetBlocksOptionsMode = "header" // default
                                                                      	GetBlocksOptionsModeBlock  GetBlocksOptionsMode = "block"
                                                                      	GetBlocksOptionsModeFull   GetBlocksOptionsMode = "full"

                                                                      type GetIteratorOptions

                                                                      type GetIteratorOptions struct {
                                                                      	Reverse bool   `json:"reverse"`
                                                                      	Cursor  []byte `json:"cursor"`
                                                                      	Limit   uint64 `json:"limit"`

                                                                      type ISAACStateManager

                                                                      type ISAACStateManager struct {
                                                                      	Conf common.Config
                                                                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                        ISAACStateManager manages the ISAACState. The most important function `Start()` is called in startStateManager() function in node_runner.go by goroutine.

                                                                        func NewISAACStateManager

                                                                        func NewISAACStateManager(nr *NodeRunner, conf common.Config) *ISAACStateManager

                                                                        func (*ISAACStateManager) NextHeight

                                                                        func (sm *ISAACStateManager) NextHeight()

                                                                        func (*ISAACStateManager) NextRound

                                                                        func (sm *ISAACStateManager) NextRound()

                                                                        func (*ISAACStateManager) SetTransitSignal

                                                                        func (sm *ISAACStateManager) SetTransitSignal(f func(consensus.ISAACState))

                                                                        func (*ISAACStateManager) Start

                                                                        func (sm *ISAACStateManager) Start()

                                                                          In `Start()` method a node proposes ballot. Or it sets or resets timeout. If it is expired, it broadcasts B(`EXP`). And it manages the node round.

                                                                          func (*ISAACStateManager) State

                                                                          func (*ISAACStateManager) Stop

                                                                          func (sm *ISAACStateManager) Stop()

                                                                          func (*ISAACStateManager) TransitISAACState

                                                                          func (sm *ISAACStateManager) TransitISAACState(height uint64, round uint64, ballotState ballot.State)

                                                                          type MessageChecker

                                                                          type MessageChecker struct {
                                                                          	Conf            common.Config
                                                                          	LocalNode       *node.LocalNode
                                                                          	NetworkID       []byte
                                                                          	Message         common.NetworkMessage
                                                                          	Log             logging.Logger
                                                                          	Consensus       *consensus.ISAAC
                                                                          	TransactionPool *transaction.Pool
                                                                          	Storage         *storage.LevelDBBackend
                                                                          	Transaction     transaction.Transaction

                                                                          type NetworkHandlerNode

                                                                          type NetworkHandlerNode struct {
                                                                          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                          func NewNetworkHandlerNode

                                                                          func NewNetworkHandlerNode(localNode *node.LocalNode, network network.Network, storage *storage.LevelDBBackend, consensus *consensus.ISAAC, transactionPool *transaction.Pool, urlPrefix string, conf common.Config) *NetworkHandlerNode

                                                                          func (NetworkHandlerNode) BallotHandler

                                                                          func (api NetworkHandlerNode) BallotHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

                                                                          func (NetworkHandlerNode) ConnectHandler

                                                                          func (api NetworkHandlerNode) ConnectHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

                                                                          func (NetworkHandlerNode) DiscoveryHandler

                                                                          func (nh NetworkHandlerNode) DiscoveryHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

                                                                            DiscoveryHandler will receive the `DiscoveryMessage` and checks the undiscovered validators. If found, trying to update validator data.

                                                                            func (NetworkHandlerNode) GetBallotHandler

                                                                            func (nh NetworkHandlerNode) GetBallotHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

                                                                            func (NetworkHandlerNode) GetBlocksHandler

                                                                            func (nh NetworkHandlerNode) GetBlocksHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

                                                                            func (NetworkHandlerNode) GetNodeTransactionsHandler

                                                                            func (nh NetworkHandlerNode) GetNodeTransactionsHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

                                                                            func (NetworkHandlerNode) HandlerURLPattern

                                                                            func (api NetworkHandlerNode) HandlerURLPattern(pattern string) string

                                                                            func (NetworkHandlerNode) MessageHandler

                                                                            func (api NetworkHandlerNode) MessageHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

                                                                            func (NetworkHandlerNode) NodeInfoHandler

                                                                            func (api NetworkHandlerNode) NodeInfoHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

                                                                            func (NetworkHandlerNode) ReceiveTransaction

                                                                            func (api NetworkHandlerNode) ReceiveTransaction(body []byte, funcs []common.CheckerFunc) (transaction.Transaction, error)

                                                                            type NodeRunner

                                                                            type NodeRunner struct {
                                                                            	TransactionPool *transaction.Pool
                                                                            	Conf common.Config
                                                                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                            func MakeNodeRunner

                                                                            func MakeNodeRunner() (*NodeRunner, *node.LocalNode)

                                                                            func NewNodeRunner

                                                                            func NewNodeRunner(
                                                                            	localNode *node.LocalNode,
                                                                            	policy voting.ThresholdPolicy,
                                                                            	n network.Network,
                                                                            	c *consensus.ISAAC,
                                                                            	storage *storage.LevelDBBackend,
                                                                            	tp *transaction.Pool,
                                                                            	conf common.Config,
                                                                            ) (nr *NodeRunner, err error)

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) BallotSendRecord

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) BallotSendRecord() *consensus.BallotSendRecord

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) BroadcastBallot

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) BroadcastBallot(b ballot.Ballot)

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) ConnectValidators

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) ConnectValidators()

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) ConnectionManager

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) ConnectionManager() network.ConnectionManager

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) Consensus

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) Consensus() *consensus.ISAAC

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) InitRound

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) InitRound()

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) InitSent

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) InitSent(state consensus.ISAACState)

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) Log

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) Log() logging.Logger

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) Network

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) Network() network.Network

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) NetworkID

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) NetworkID() []byte

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) NextHeight

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) NextHeight()

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) Node

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) Node() *node.LocalNode

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) NodeInfo

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) NodeInfo() node.NodeInfo

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) Policy

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) Policy() voting.ThresholdPolicy

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) Ready

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) Ready()

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) RemoveSendRecordsLowerThanOrEqualHeight

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) RemoveSendRecordsLowerThanOrEqualHeight(height uint64)

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) SavingBlockOperations

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) SavingBlockOperations() *SavingBlockOperations

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) SetHandleACCEPTBallotCheckerFuncs

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) SetHandleACCEPTBallotCheckerFuncs(f ...common.CheckerFunc)

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) SetHandleBaseBallotCheckerFuncs

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) SetHandleBaseBallotCheckerFuncs(f ...common.CheckerFunc)

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) SetHandleINITBallotCheckerFuncs

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) SetHandleINITBallotCheckerFuncs(f ...common.CheckerFunc)

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) SetHandleSIGNBallotCheckerFuncs

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) SetHandleSIGNBallotCheckerFuncs(f ...common.CheckerFunc)

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) Start

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) Start() (err error)

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) Stop

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) Stop()

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) StopStateManager

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) StopStateManager()

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) Storage

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) Storage() *storage.LevelDBBackend

                                                                            func (*NodeRunner) TransitISAACState

                                                                            func (nr *NodeRunner) TransitISAACState(basis voting.Basis, ballotState ballot.State)

                                                                            type OtherSelector

                                                                            type OtherSelector struct {
                                                                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                            func (OtherSelector) Select

                                                                            func (s OtherSelector) Select(_ uint64, _ uint64) string

                                                                            type SavingBlockOperations

                                                                            type SavingBlockOperations struct {
                                                                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                            func NewSavingBlockOperations

                                                                            func NewSavingBlockOperations(st *storage.LevelDBBackend, logger logging.Logger) *SavingBlockOperations

                                                                            func (*SavingBlockOperations) Check

                                                                            func (sb *SavingBlockOperations) Check() (err error)

                                                                            func (*SavingBlockOperations) CheckByBlock

                                                                            func (sb *SavingBlockOperations) CheckByBlock(st *storage.LevelDBBackend, blk block.Block) (err error)

                                                                            func (*SavingBlockOperations) CheckTransactionByBlock

                                                                            func (sb *SavingBlockOperations) CheckTransactionByBlock(st *storage.LevelDBBackend, blk block.Block, hash string) (err error)

                                                                            func (*SavingBlockOperations) Save

                                                                            func (sb *SavingBlockOperations) Save(blk block.Block)

                                                                            func (*SavingBlockOperations) Start

                                                                            func (sb *SavingBlockOperations) Start()

                                                                            type SelfThenOtherSelector

                                                                            type SelfThenOtherSelector struct {
                                                                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                            func (SelfThenOtherSelector) Select

                                                                            func (s SelfThenOtherSelector) Select(blockHeight uint64, round uint64) string

                                                                            type TestConnectionManager

                                                                            type TestConnectionManager struct {
                                                                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                            func NewTestConnectionManager

                                                                            func NewTestConnectionManager(
                                                                            	localNode *node.LocalNode,
                                                                            	n network.Network,
                                                                            	policy voting.ThresholdPolicy,
                                                                            	r chan struct{},
                                                                            ) *TestConnectionManager

                                                                            func (*TestConnectionManager) Broadcast

                                                                            func (c *TestConnectionManager) Broadcast(message common.Message)

                                                                            func (*TestConnectionManager) IsReady

                                                                            func (c *TestConnectionManager) IsReady() bool

                                                                            func (*TestConnectionManager) Messages

                                                                            func (c *TestConnectionManager) Messages() []common.Message

                                                                            type TransactionCache

                                                                            type TransactionCache struct {
                                                                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                            func NewTransactionCache

                                                                            func NewTransactionCache(st *storage.LevelDBBackend, pool *transaction.Pool) *TransactionCache

                                                                            func (*TransactionCache) Get

                                                                            func (b *TransactionCache) Get(hash string) (tx transaction.Transaction, found bool, err error)


                                                                            Path Synopsis