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const (
	KeyAppConfig     = ""
	KeyApolloConfig  = "chassix.apollo"
	KeyServerConfig  = "chassix.server"
	KeyLoggingConfig = "chassix.logging"


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var ConfigFileEnvKey = "CHASSIX_CONF"
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var IsDebug bool


func GetLogger

func GetLogger() *logx.Entry

func IsApolloEnabled

func IsApolloEnabled() bool

    IsApolloEnabled is apollo enable

    func Load

    func Load()

    func LoadChassixConfigs

    func LoadChassixConfigs(cfgs []interface{})

    func LoadConfigsFromEnvFile

    func LoadConfigsFromEnvFile(cfgs map[string]interface{}) error

      LoadConfigsFromFile from file

      func LoadCustomFromApollo

      func LoadCustomFromApollo(customCfg interface{}, settings *apollo.Conf) error

        LoadCustomFromFile Load custom config from apollo, save to custom config

        func LoadCustomFromFile

        func LoadCustomFromFile(customCfg interface{}, fileName string) error

          LoadCustomFromFile Load custom config from file, save to custom config

          func LoadFromApollo

          func LoadFromApollo(cfg interface{}, settings *apollo.Conf, configs []interface{})

          func LoadFromEnvFile

          func LoadFromEnvFile(cfg interface{})

            LoadEnvFile Load config from the file that path is saved in os env.

            func LoadFromFile

            func LoadFromFile(cfg interface{}, fileName string) error

              LoadFromFile from file

              func LoadSimpleConfig

              func LoadSimpleConfig()

              func UsingApollo

              func UsingApollo()

              func UsingYaml

              func UsingYaml()


                func Watch

                func Watch(name string, cfg interface{})

                func WatchBootstrapConfig

                func WatchBootstrapConfig()


                type ApolloConfig

                type ApolloConfig struct {
                	Data struct {
                		Enabled  bool        `yaml:"enabled"`
                		Settings apollo.Conf `yaml:"settings"`
                	} `yaml:"apollo"`

                  ApolloConfig apollo config

                  type AppConfig

                  type AppConfig struct {
                  	Data struct {
                  		Name    string
                  		Version string
                  		Env     string
                  		Debug   bool
                  	} `yaml:"app"`

                    AppConfig application config

                    func App

                    func App() *AppConfig

                      App app config

                      type Config

                      type Config struct {
                      	AppConfig `yaml:",inline"`
                      	//Server ServerConfig `yaml:"server"`
                      	ApolloConfig `yaml:",inline"`

                        Config all config

                        type Configs

                        type Configs struct {
                        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                        func (*Configs) Apollo

                        func (c *Configs) Apollo() *ApolloConfig

                          Apollo apollo server settings: ip, namespaces...

                          func (*Configs) App

                          func (c *Configs) App() *AppConfig

                            App return app config

                            func (*Configs) Get

                            func (c *Configs) Get(key string) (interface{}, bool)

                              Get get config by map key

                              func (*Configs) Lock

                              func (c *Configs) Lock()

                              func (*Configs) Logging

                              func (c *Configs) Logging() *LoggingConfig

                                Logging logging config

                                func (*Configs) RLock

                                func (c *Configs) RLock()

                                func (*Configs) RUnlock

                                func (c *Configs) RUnlock()

                                func (*Configs) Server

                                func (c *Configs) Server() *ServerConfig

                                  Server get server config: port addr

                                  func (*Configs) UnLock

                                  func (c *Configs) UnLock()

                                  func (*Configs) Watch

                                  func (c *Configs) Watch(name string, cfg interface{})

                                  type HotReLoader

                                  type HotReLoader struct {
                                  	Config interface{}
                                  	Func   func(cfg interface{})

                                  type LoggingConfig

                                  type LoggingConfig struct {
                                  	Data struct {
                                  		Level            string
                                  		ReportCaller     bool     `yaml:"report_caller"`
                                  		NoColors         bool     `yaml:"no_colors"`
                                  		CallerFirst      bool     `yaml:"caller_first"`
                                  		HideKeys         bool     `yaml:"hide_keys"`
                                  		FieldsOrder      []string `yaml:"fields_order"`
                                  		NoUppercaseLevel bool     `yaml:"no_uppercase_level"`
                                  	} `yaml:"logging"`

                                  func Logging

                                  func Logging() *LoggingConfig

                                  func (*LoggingConfig) CallerFirst

                                  func (logCfg *LoggingConfig) CallerFirst() bool

                                  func (*LoggingConfig) FieldsOrder

                                  func (logCfg *LoggingConfig) FieldsOrder() []string

                                  func (*LoggingConfig) HideKeys

                                  func (logCfg *LoggingConfig) HideKeys() bool

                                  func (*LoggingConfig) Level

                                  func (logCfg *LoggingConfig) Level() int

                                  func (*LoggingConfig) NoColors

                                  func (logCfg *LoggingConfig) NoColors() bool

                                  func (*LoggingConfig) NoUppercaseLevel

                                  func (logCfg *LoggingConfig) NoUppercaseLevel() bool

                                  func (*LoggingConfig) ReportCaller

                                  func (logCfg *LoggingConfig) ReportCaller() bool

                                  type ServerConfig

                                  type ServerConfig struct {
                                  	Data ServerConfigData `yaml:"server"`

                                    ServerConfig server config

                                    func Server

                                    func Server() *ServerConfig

                                      Server server config

                                      type ServerConfigData

                                      type ServerConfigData struct {
                                      	Port int
                                      	Addr string