Picasa Importer

This is a working Camlistore importer for Picasa. So far it can import
all photos but not their metadata.

To use:

1) Retrieve an api credential from a project of you from
   Select/create a project, then under APIs & auth / Credentials, create a new
   web application client id.

2a) Start the devcam server with picasakey flag:
    $ devcam server -verbose -picasakey='Client ID:Client secret'

2b) Place the Client ID and the Client secret in your (low-level) server-config.json:

    "/importer-picasa/": {
        "handler": "importer-picasa",
        "handlerArgs": {
            "apiKey": "Client ID:Client secret"

    and start your camlistore server.

3) Navigate to http://<server>/importer-picasa/start and authorize the app
   to manage your Photos.

4) Watch import progress on the command line (start devcam with -verbose flag).


  * The used OAuth2 scope is for managing (read & modify) photos, but this
    needs only read rights. Is a stricter scope available?
  * The album's author name is not used yet, and the album's short name is needed.
  * Picasa Web dumps a lot of metadata on us. Which would be usable?

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    Package picasa implements an importer for accounts.



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    const (
    	// AttrMediaURL is an attribute set on each picasa photo permanode. It
    	// is the public URL for fetching the contents of the photo file.
    	AttrMediaURL = "picasaMediaURL"


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