DriveService translates blobserver.Storage methods into Google Drive API methods.



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    const (
    	MimeTypeDriveFolder = "application/"
    	MimeTypeCamliBlob   = "application/vnd.camlistore.blob"


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    type DriveService

    type DriveService struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      DriveService wraps Google Drive API to implement utility methods to be performed on the root Drive destination folder.

      func New

      func New(oauthClient *http.Client, parentId string) (*DriveService, error)

        New initiates a new DriveService. parentId is the ID of the directory that will be used as the current directory in methods on the returned DriveService (such as Get). If empty, it defaults to the root of the drive.

        func (*DriveService) Fetch

        func (s *DriveService) Fetch(title string) (body io.ReadCloser, size uint32, err error)

          Fetch retrieves the metadata and contents of a file.

          func (*DriveService) Get

          func (s *DriveService) Get(title string) (*client.File, error)

            Get retrieves a file with its title equal to the provided title and a child of the parentId as given to New. If not found, os.ErrNotExist is returned.

            func (*DriveService) List

            func (s *DriveService) List(pageToken string, limit int) (files []*client.File, next string, err error)

              Lists the folder identified by parentId.

              func (*DriveService) Stat

              func (s *DriveService) Stat(title string) (int64, error)

                Stat retrieves file metadata and returns file size. Returns error if file is not found.

                func (*DriveService) Trash

                func (s *DriveService) Trash(title string) (err error)

                  Trash trashes the file with the given title.

                  func (*DriveService) Upsert

                  func (s *DriveService) Upsert(title string, data io.Reader) (file *client.File, err error)

                    Upsert inserts a file, or updates if such a file exists.

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