Package s3 implements a generic Amazon S3 client, not specific to Camlistore.



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    func IsValidBucket

    func IsValidBucket(bucket string) bool

      IsValid reports whether bucket is a valid bucket name, per Amazon's naming restrictions.



      type Auth

      type Auth struct {
      	AccessKey       string
      	SecretAccessKey string
      	// Hostname is the S3 hostname to use.
      	// If empty, the standard US region of "" is
      	// used.
      	Hostname string

      func (*Auth) SignRequest

      func (a *Auth) SignRequest(req *http.Request)

      type Bucket

      type Bucket struct {
      	Name         string
      	CreationDate string // 2006-02-03T16:45:09.000Z

      type Client

      type Client struct {
      	Transport http.RoundTripper // or nil for the default
      	// PutGate limits the number of concurrent PutObject calls, because
      	// apparently S3 throttles us if there are too many. No limit if nil.
      	// Default in S3 blobserver is 5.
      	PutGate *syncutil.Gate

        Client is an Amazon S3 client.

        func (*Client) BucketLocation

        func (c *Client) BucketLocation(bucket string) (location string, err error)

          BucketLocation returns the S3 hostname to be used with the given bucket.

          func (*Client) Buckets

          func (c *Client) Buckets() ([]*Bucket, error)

          func (*Client) Delete

          func (c *Client) Delete(bucket, key string) error

          func (*Client) Get

          func (c *Client) Get(bucket, key string) (body io.ReadCloser, size int64, err error)

          func (*Client) GetPartial

          func (c *Client) GetPartial(bucket, key string, offset, length int64) (rc io.ReadCloser, err error)

            GetPartial fetches part of the s3 key object in bucket. If length is negative, the rest of the object is returned. The caller must close rc.

            func (*Client) ListBucket

            func (c *Client) ListBucket(bucket string, startAt string, maxKeys int) (items []*Item, err error)

              ListBucket returns 0 to maxKeys (inclusive) items from the provided bucket. Keys before startAt will be skipped. (This is the S3 'marker' value). If the length of the returned items is equal to maxKeys, there is no indication whether or not the returned list is truncated.

              func (*Client) PutObject

              func (c *Client) PutObject(key, bucket string, md5 hash.Hash, size int64, body io.Reader) error

              func (*Client) Stat

              func (c *Client) Stat(key, bucket string) (size int64, reterr error)

                Returns 0, os.ErrNotExist if not on S3, otherwise reterr is real.

                type Error

                type Error struct {
                	Op     string
                	Code   int         // HTTP status code
                	Body   []byte      // response body
                	Header http.Header // response headers
                	// UsedEndpoint and AmazonCode are the XML response's Endpoint and
                	// Code fields, respectively.
                	UseEndpoint string // if a temporary redirect (wrong hostname)
                	AmazonCode  string

                  Error is the type returned by some API operations.

                  TODO: it should be more/all of them.

                  func (*Error) Error

                  func (e *Error) Error() string

                  type Item

                  type Item struct {
                  	Key  string
                  	Size int64

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