Package gpgagent interacts with the local GPG Agent.



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    var (
    	ErrNoAgent = errors.New("GPG_AGENT_INFO not set in environment")
    	ErrNoData  = errors.New("GPG_ERR_NO_DATA cache miss")
    	ErrCancel  = errors.New("gpgagent: Cancel")


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    type Conn

    type Conn struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Conn is a connection to the GPG agent.

      func NewConn

      func NewConn() (*Conn, error)

        NewConn connects to the GPG Agent as described in the GPG_AGENT_INFO environment variable.

        func (*Conn) Close

        func (c *Conn) Close() error

        func (*Conn) GetPassphrase

        func (c *Conn) GetPassphrase(pr *PassphraseRequest) (passphrase string, outerr error)

        func (*Conn) RemoveFromCache

        func (c *Conn) RemoveFromCache(cacheKey string) error

        type PassphraseRequest

        type PassphraseRequest struct {
        	CacheKey, Error, Prompt, Desc string
        	// If the option --no-ask is used and the passphrase is not in
        	// the cache the user will not be asked to enter a passphrase
        	// but the error code GPG_ERR_NO_DATA is returned.  (ErrNoData)
        	NoAsk bool

          PassphraseRequest is a request to get a passphrase from the GPG Agent.

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