Package publish exposes the types and functions that can be used from a Go template, for publishing.



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type MemberFileInfo

type MemberFileInfo struct {
	FileName         string
	FileDomID        string
	FilePath         string
	FileThumbnailURL string

MemberFileInfo contains the file related data available for each member, if the member is the permanode for a file.

type Nav struct {
	ParentPath string
	PrevPath   string
	NextPath   string

Nav holds links to the previous, next, and parent elements, when displaying members.

type PageFile

type PageFile struct {
	FileName     string
	Size         int64
	MIMEType     string
	IsImage      bool
	DownloadURL  string
	ThumbnailURL string
	DomID        string
	Nav          func() *Nav

PageFile contains the file related data available to the subject template, if the page describes some file contents.

type PageHeader struct {
	Title         string      // Page title.
	CSSFiles      []string    // Available CSS files.
	JSDeps        []string    // Dependencies (for e.g closure) that can/should be included as javascript files.
	CamliClosure  template.JS // Closure namespace defined in the provided js. e.g camlistore.GalleryPage from pics.js
	Subject       blob.Ref    // Subject of this page (i.e the object which is described and published).
	ViewerIsOwner bool        // Whether the viewer of the page is also the owner of the displayed subject. (localhost check for now.)
	PublishedRoot blob.Ref    // Root permanode for this publisher. On camliRoot, camliPath:somePath = publishedRoot
	// SubjectBasePath is the URL path up to the digest prefix of the
	// subject. e.g. "/pics/foo/-/h341b133369" or "/pics/foo/-" if the subject
	// is the published root itself.
	SubjectBasePath string
	// PathPrefix is the publisher app handler prefix on Camlistore, e.g.
	// "/pics/", or "/" if the request was not proxied through Camlistore.
	PathPrefix string
	Host       string

PageHeader contains the data available to the template, and relevant to the page header.

type PageMembers

type PageMembers struct {
	SubjectPath string                                      // URL prefix path to the subject (i.e the permanode).
	ZipName     string                                      // Name of the downloadable zip file which contains all the members.
	Members     []*search.DescribedBlob                     // List of the members.
	Description func(*search.DescribedBlob) string          // Returns the description of the given member.
	Title       func(*search.DescribedBlob) string          // Returns the title for the given member.
	Path        func(*search.DescribedBlob) string          // Returns the url prefix path to the given the member.
	DomID       func(*search.DescribedBlob) string          // Returns the Dom ID of the given member.
	FileInfo    func(*search.DescribedBlob) *MemberFileInfo // Returns some file info if the given member is a file permanode.

PageMembers contains the data relevant to the members if the published subject is a permanode with members.

type SubjectPage

type SubjectPage struct {
	Header  func() *PageHeader
	File    func() *PageFile
	Members func() *PageMembers

SubjectPage is the data structure used when serving a publishing template. It contains the functions that can be called from the template.

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